My Muse…

We are usually very in sync. Complete each other’s sentences. Know what the other is thinking without saying anything.

But sometimes…. things like this happen.


Just after lunch time…

Me:   All right. I’m going to wait for a bit before going to give the leaves a bad hair day…. (granted, really bad analogy)

Him:  *confused look* Hm?

Me:   I’m going to wait for the food to settle and then go give the leaves a bad hair day… (the expectation of understanding was high)

Him:  *raises one eyebrow and lowers the other*

Me:   Oh, come on. Leaf blower, leaves. Bad. Hair. Day.

Him:  Oh!! I was…erm…

Me:   *her turn to raise an eyebrow* What?

Him:  I was thinking you had cauliflower… and…

Me:   *mock strangulation of husband person* Really…. REALLY?!



Can’t take things too seriously in life, I suppose =).