Memoir Debut Planned For….

My absence from my sites and usual haunts doesn’t signify the lack of interest. It has been busy, more so than usual with my family visiting from home. Aside from Christmas and New Year’s, I’ve got a birthday to help celebrate and the Lunar New Year coming up right around the corner. Life herself hasn’t given me much time to pursue my interests in the written word, but I’m finding time here and there.

I am still hoping Chase Montgomery and Trent Warwick’s story will debut in May, but there is something in the works for much earlier. It’s a personal piece, a memoir, of something that happened in my life in 2013. This will debut on March 8, 2014… both parts 1 and 2 at the same time… aligned stars and planets willing.

It didn’t occur to me to split it into two parts while writing it. I did so because some people don’t want to read more than 10k words all at once, and others simply just want a break in between. It also makes it easier for me to face as a writer as this one is a very hard piece to chew through.

Hope you are all doing well and being safe amongst all the white fluffy stuff. Do come back on March 8, 2014 for the Memoir piece. It will debut at 8am EST sharp. Set your watches by it if you wish =).

Much Love glazed with left-over-holiday-candy,  Lavender.


New Year Short Story

I’ve done it again – written another short story (2500 words) of Trent and Chase. It can be found here so click away. No smut in this one, just some food for thought, perhaps?

Anyways, these two will be starring in their own story that I am working on right now, so look forward to that. I’ve decided to put them into Closet Souls.

Hope you enjoy =).