Spring is Arriving

As I walked my children to their buses this morning, I noticed that trees, and some plants, are starting to have new buds on their branches.

That means Lady Spring is arriving, and Lady Winter is on her way back to her dwelling. I cannot help but feel a little bit down from the realization. I love the coldest season of the year, and if snow would drift from the skies, so much the better…

I just dislike the half-inch to two inches drift. Give me minimum of six inches or don’t do it at all.

Perhaps I should think about moving to southern Ontario, huh? More snow there than I think I can handle, and one of my good buddies live out that way.

So, Wynter, does this post mean you’re off “Hiatus?”

No, I’m still on hiatus. While the children are finally on the upclimb from the two+ months worth of tag-teaming sickness, I need some time to just recuperate from all that since I’m sick myself, and as of this morning, so is the Husband.

After all, with antibiotics being involved (again), there are more pediatric appointments set for the near future, plus meetings with teachers at the school with the kids, and a myriad of other motherly things I’m scheduled for.

Noticed I said motherly. That is about as far on the opposite spectrum for me as it can get from writer-ly (which isn’t even a word).

But I’m finding a little bit of time to get my writing in – which is whenever the children actually goes off to school and didn’t leave me with a mountain of laundry to wash and an entire house to clean up (which is what happens when they’ve been home the entire week). The memoir pieces are moving along. Part 2 has been minimally edited and set to release this upcoming Saturday (March 15) at 8am EST. I’m still working on the final part, but I can’t write on the same thing back-to-back. Since I covered some ground yesterday, I’ll go back to it tomorrow.

I still have the Closet Souls to get back to, and two fanfiction pieces to finish, books to re-read and review, so…

*glares at Inner Muse* … everything else is on the backseat, you hear?

*sighs at the evil cackling* See? She’s mocking me in multiple languages again.

My inner Muse aside, an author I’ve been following by the name of A. F. Henley had re-tweeted on his account about Less Than Three Press’s call for anthology submissions to Lovely, Dark, and Deep that will end August 31, 2014.

And that triggered all sorts of thoughts, that has, unfortunately, been entirely too enticing and making it nearly impossible for me to sleep well lately. Not that I sleep well most nights anyway.

There is a reason I don’t write or read horror anymore. My insomnia from nightmares doesn’t need help from outside sources, and it’s not as if I haven’t dreamed the 1001 ways that I can possibly be killed or eradicated from this plane of existence…

And just in case anyone thinks I’m getting published…

I’m not. A hobby writer like me who needs about three more years of sandblasting the rust off my writing instruments has the same chance of competing with people of published authors’ calibers as a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving.

(Did you understand that?)

Unless Hell freezes over. It’s not impossible, but it is up there on the scale of “improbable.”

Doesn’t mean I won’t think about writing a story, though. I’m just not entirely sure I can survive the process.


Anyhow, here’s the update for those of you who might be wondering if I’m still alive and kicking.

The answer is yes.

Take care of yourselves. Much love.


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