Updates… Oh, right, UPDATES!

All right, I’m little worn from pimping character development mini-stories, so I suppose it’s time for a blog update across all the accounts.

*clears throat* A-hem!

HAPPY THURSDAY! …For those of you into Thursdays.

As of March 21, 2014, the memoir project “Break Me into Pieces” has been completed and posted. It is “novella” length at just under 30k words split into 3 parts. I know it can be shorter, but I couldn’t bring myself to edit that monster too much. The thing being rather emotionally gut-wrenching and all. It is rated a big, fat R. It is not fictional, although it is also not an auto-biography.

Regardless, it is behind me. The entire purpose of that project was to force myself to face the hurt, to process it through, and hopefully at the end of it – allow me to begin my journey of self-healing. If the whole section dripped of too much emotion, that’s because of the mindset I was in.

I’m not always so dramatic, although I can play the role of a drama queen pretty convincingly when the occasion calls for it. Thankfully, not many occasions call for it.

Hence the reason why it was so minimally edited, and I surrendered to posting the work as-is.

Moving on!

Are you okay, Wynter? Heard you were sick.

I’m sure you’ve gathered from the last few posts that I have not been well. This house saw more flu/cold bugs this winter season than any I’ve lived through thus far. Even I, someone who didn’t get sick unless it was bad enough to alert the CDC, succumbed to the power of the cold/flu three times before spring arrived – bad enough to trigger and bring about a new series of asthma attacks that I haven’t experienced in well over a decade.

That was scary because I haven’t had an inhaler in my possession since I was in high school. If an attack was severe enough for me to struggle for air for anytime longer than ten minutes, 9-1-1 would have been needed.

And the people over at Camden County PSAP would probably have a huge care package with ‘GET WELL SOON’ waiting for when the Husband Person swings by. Catch is, I’ll probably not be able to eat a single thing out of the care package… XD

I would like to say we are on the up climb out of this illness streak, but I woke up this morning at around 3am struggling for air a little bit. I believe it has something to do with my husband’s love of big fires in fireplaces that might be triggering this. If so, there are definitely measures we can take to prevent this from happening next year.

Thus is the life of mine… won’t trade it for anything else though, so that’s a good sign, right? 😀

But yes, in answer to the question of my health – we are all well! ❤

So you mentioned something about the mini-stories up above?

I did. Shorts, more like. Closet Soul Chronicles is now the forefront project I’m spending my time on. I have, at the current standing, four major characters I’m working with across two different stories. The first pair involved a Callie Luo and Ash Campbell. Due to the intricacies of Callie Luo’s character, she’s making my head hurt on a whole new level. I put these two on the back seat right now until I get more research under my belt for her character development. She is, in more ways than one, a very personal character to me. That just means she’s got a set of flaws so wide, we can probably pilot a 777er through it.

The second pair of characters I am working on right now is Chase Montgomery and Trent Warwick. The mini-story I’m working on right now focuses on Trent Warwick… or more specifically, his childhood and that one point in his life that turned him towards the path he walks as an adult male. I also mentioned before that Less Than Three Press was doing a call for submissions for Lovely, Dark, and Deep  anthology that had triggered some ideas in my head about Chase and Trent that involves a haunted forest in Japan, of all places. That story is also in the works, but I am uncertain if I want to submit it for consideration or just post it as free fiction. Probably the latter, but we shall see. Deadline for submission is August 31, 2014, and they are calling for 10 to 20 thousand words. Seeing that a short story memoir project turned into a novella, I have a couple months to make up my mind.

For those of you who are wondering about these two characters… Trent Warwick is gay. Chase Montgomery is bisexual. And they are involved with each other. So, if this isn’t your thing, don’t fret too much. Callie and Ash will be along shortly… ish *crosses fingers*.

There are a couple more characters in the works, but they’re not out off the drawing board just yet. Every single one of my characters come with their own section in my folder with their personal information, history, their genealogy, what had happened when, where, and how (narrowed down to specific dates) and this usually then involves me getting on Google to research what happened around that point in time where and how it would affect them, if applicable.

Yes, I even look up weather data. See, I have a muse by the name of Bitworks who I like to bounce ideas off… and he is a major stickler for facts. Like he wants to take anything I write at any one point in time, plug it into Google, and it better MAKE SENSE.

So if I wrote about a hurricane class storm on <this date> at <this place>… then by golly, there better be such a storm when he pulls it up on Google…

Yes, he understands it is fiction. Should still be based on facts, though, as far as he’s concerned… XD ❤

He makes me sweat more bullets than a presentation address in college (although I never did sweat during public speaking and I thank my father for bestowing/passing that gift along in the genes we share). There are some days where I absolutely despise the Google gods over there in their headquarters… Because…

Who needs an editing floor with these people around? XD

Bitworks: “I am NOT that bad.”

So he says… 😀

Truly, he is awesome <3. He’ll give me rope when I demand it as it is fiction (and does half of my research for me whenever I just give hint of an idea on something and have it all delivered, neatly typed and presented in an unbelievably long email that I would usually find first thing in the morning), but it’s good to have a person who can look at works with such a critical eye. It prevents me from bullshitting my readers.

Yes, I double check his research. Because one never assumes, according to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I’m a huge fan, can you tell? XD

Well, now, Wynter, this sounds like you get plenty of time for writing now…

Not quite. I have house projects to get to. The last bit of carpet in this house was torn out by yours truly this Monday. Over one hundred staples on just six steps, and I removed every single one of them by hand. Then I took a 120-grit sandpaper to the steps. Unfortunately, the once gorgeous Douglass fir the stairs were made from have been ruined, so I have to think about how to go about restoring the wood before staining it. I got into staining about two years ago while experimenting with arts and crafts…

… and got a little too excited over all the possibilities I can use as we renovate this house by ourselves.

I got doors and door frames to stain, stairs, rooms to paint to my heart’s content. This would be the only reason I look forward to Lady Spring.

😀 😀

All right, I think this post is long enough about basically nothing. Thank you for dropping by and reading. ❤

Take care of yourselves. Spring IS here, but don’t be in too much of a hurry packing up your winter clothes just yet. Lady Winter (Wynter) is still lingering, saying her final goodbyes to those of us who worship and look forward to her visit every year.

And I am one of the one she’s lingering around for, I might add.

❤ ❤ ❤

Yours truly, Lavender Wynter


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