Time to be a True Ambidextrous, Perhaps?

I was born a natural left-handed person, but due to the pressure of conformity and that few things were made for left-hand dominant people, my parents trained me to be right-handed since I knew how to hold a pencil in my left hand. There are plenty of websites online that will express in detail why that is now perceived to be a horribly bad idea:

  1. Reference 1
  2. Reference 2

Don’t worry. First-born children tend to be made up of a long list of “bad ideas” simply because we are the ones to teach parents how to be parents, and we are also the ones where theory of “discipline” gets tested out on. 🙂

And…I do believe that’s not going to change any time soon. XD

Just remember that regardless of if you are right or left-handed, it doesn’t make one either prone to be tardy or give OCD people a challenge when it comes to organizational skills. Remember that habits are taught and learned through time, and people are still debating on “Nature vs. Nurture.”


I’m still naturally left-prone, so I perform tasks with whichever hand I’m comfortable with. I can do some precision work with my left, but it is by far more accurate with my right. I can only write with my right hand if I don’t want the letters to look like chicken-scratch.

Despite what studies show about left-to-right handed people’s penmanship, mine are actually rather decent whenever the hand is cooperative. In fact, most of my teachers thought I was typing up all my assignments and printing it on lined paper until they realize the “computer font” on my assignments match the handwriting on exams. Since I have no access to a computer or printer in the classroom… XD

My handwriting changes though, from day to day, depending on what muscles work and which ones don’t. I used to duplicate my father’s signature freehand when I was young.

Wait just a minute. Yes, I saw that eyebrow twitch, dear reader… 😉

I wasn’t cashing a check or using his credit card or anything. When we visit my citizen country, we stay at hotels in my early years before my parents bought a place. My father was usually long gone by the time we, the kids, wake up, and so it would be my mother taking us to the breakfast served downstairs or upstairs, depending on what hotel we were at. The waiter/waitress would bring by a form that needed to be signed, I suppose so the breakfast could be charged to the room or whatnot…

… so I’ll pen in my father’s signature since he’s always the one who checks into the hotel, uses his credit card, etc. My mother was right there. This is all done with permission, and my father had no problems with it when I told him what I did.

Just so we’re clear on this. XD

I don’t ever remember a time where my left hand didn’t itch to hold a pencil. It felt a little betrayed, to be honest, and wants to be used like how it was intended to be. I’ve thought about practicing with my left hand for years to be ambidextrous, but I never got around to it. There are just so many hours in the day, and I had so many more things that were interesting to pursue.

And I also lacked the energy for the patience to train and teach a hand as if I was in elementary school.

But two days ago, my right wrist suffered tendonitis. It is not the first time I’ve suffered the injury, but it is the first time it’s affected my right wrist. Tendonitis takes a long time to heal. When my left thumb had it, it took me about four months to recover from it, all the while tending to my newborn son. This one is worse as it affects the whole hand, not just a digit. The spot that gets excruciatingly painful sits dead center of my palm, so while I can move my fingers in a certain way, I cannot make a fist, and I cannot exude strength from this hand or put pressure against anything. It makes needing to do things like writing a check to pay bills rather difficult.

And because I’m one of the people in this world blessed/cursed with double-joints practically from my shoulders to my toes, it’s not difficult to accidentally wear out certain parts faster than others. I think the only joints in my body that aren’t double-jointed are my ankles… and even then, they click.

It used to be a pass time of mine to creep the hell out of most people by doing things that just aren’t naturally to them, but are oh-so-natural to me.

Case in point, I can bend both my thumbs backwards towards my wrists and have the two touch. Ever watch someone skip-rope with their own linked arms? I did that, too. Other usual things I did was hold a pole in front of me with two hands spread the equal width of my shoulders, quickly lift the pole over my head, and my shoulder joints will adjust themselves so my arms land behind me with the pole across my butt.

It’s okay, take a moment and shake the gross feeling out… sorry about that. 😀

My knees bend backwards, although that is more annoying than it makes people squeamish. Learning and teaching muscles to stand up straight all the time takes more endurance for me than most people, not to mention the horrendous posture one gets from double-jointed knees. It took me nearly all the way to adulthood to get all the muscles trained right so I can stand straight and not look like a sloth… or slob, as my mother was apt to say. I actually have to worry a lot more about my spine being twisted and misaligned more than most people.

Or so my mother’s friend told her, but I don’t think he’s an orthopedic… just a pediatrician.

Although, since I can’t be “at rest” when standing straight, I can’t lock my knees, and therefore, have no chances of fainting. That’s something, for sure… 😛

The plus side to being double-jointed to that extent… I can fit my 5’4″ (164cm) frame on a single seat of just about any size an adult would use, curl up like a cat, and sleep without any of my body parts falling asleep for as long as five hours. In other words, I can sleep just about anywhere.

Handy, that. 😛

I don’t deliberately bend my joints out anymore since I was 20, and some have been neglected enough from that form of abuse to be more “normal” now where they don’t feel loose. While it’s fun doing this and that for shits-and-giggles, being double jointed meant the risks of getting osteoporosis is a lot higher for me, along with a slew of other things that will become painful as I age. That’s what I have to look forward to. 😀

So, where was I?

Oh yes, writing… after the jaunt through explaining hyper-mobility syndrome. My right wrist has suffered enough abuse the last ten or so years that even when I recover from the tendonitis, I doubt I will be able to write with it for much longer.

For someone whose favorite past time is writing, that scares the bejeezus out of me.

So it looks like it’s time to go back to my roots of being a left-handed person. If that does happen, I will be a true ambidextrous, capable of using both hands equally.

And that is just so many different shades of cool. 😀


Hope you are all enjoying Spring! I’m locked up in the house due to the high levels of pollen this season brings, so I’m a bit more depression-prone than usual.


Much, much ❤


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