Writing Prompt #3

Today’s priority is errands, so without enough time to truly ponder anymore specific details of the stories I’m working on, it’ll be an impromptu “Writing Prompt” exercise again.

I think some of you have been enjoying my writing prompts. 🙂

Today’s topic will be: Million Dollar Question – Why do you blog?

My blog is like my bookshelves. It is a collection of things I have finished between the hours spent performing my various duties – wife, mother, daughter, and sister. Writer, unfortunately, comes last, but that is because I write for myself.

I usually come last on my list of priorities. Please do not automatically think that makes me a “selfless person.” It is, in fact, quite the opposite.

Getting back on topic… since I’m rather infamous on detours. XD

If one was to look at the schedules of every person that live on this planet, one can safely say, in general, that schedules are pretty standard to each person. We may not all do the same things at the same time, but we all do things that are similar – sleep, eat (hopefully as many parts of the world are shrouded in famine and starvation), learn (again, in hopes because we know parts of the world are also torn asunder from violence and oppression), and tend to our daily responsibilities as a person – employee, grandparent, parent, aunt/uncle, child, sibling, cousins, etc.

It isn’t any different for me, and as days turn into weeks, weeks into months… I came to realize that even with all the thoughts that are randomly concocted, scribbled down, and stuck in a notebook somewhere, there was nothing to show for them.

While I am both a sun and moon Pisces, even dreams must have results.

By keeping a blog, or journal since I was about thirteen, it served as a reminder all the things I have thought about, the opinions of certain topics and debates I held at the time, and just how much my thoughts and personal opinions may have changed… if there were, indeed, changes.

It also taught and showed me what I felt passionate about. Unless something was vitally important for me to dwell on it for an extended amount of time, the words don’t make it onto paper… and that is such an important exercise to do on the road to self-discovery regardless of what age I was at!

Children these days have mediums like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc to occupy their minds. It’s not that difficult to re-blog or re-link something “interesting,” but the understanding behind “why one found it interesting” is lost.

Why does one follow a certain person? Why is that post meaningful? What critical thinking does it spur? Will you feel the same way about the topic or subject a year from now? Five years? Ten years? If you become a parent?

There isn’t really an effort in clicking a button with a mouse, but to pick up a pen or pencil, open up a book to a fresh page, and follow the process of putting thought down on paper?

Now, that’s important. Just the act alone speaks volumes, and once added to the words that do make it on paper… it is an epiphany.

Moreover, seeing the end product of a project – whether it’s a story, memoir, or just odd pieces I put together based on personal experiences – I also understand the amount of time that went into the formation and work of each. In a sense, there’s the feeling of accomplishment – seeing the tiny spark of an idea grew into shape and form, molded, torn apart, re-molded, and the debuting of the finished product.

Just that thought alone is enough to send shivers of pleasure down my spine. 😀

That meant my days aren’t just filled with chores from one day to the next, and that reminder serves to help keep my depression at bay. It means I have accomplished something outside of obligations and responsibilities. So when it’s thunder-storming outside, or the allergens are too much for my system to handle even with the help of drugs… this blog, and any other I may keep, is a physical display of the things I’ve done.

It’s not anything special. They’re not trophies, or the classics that I am (incapable of) writing. I am not some talented fiction writer with a fan base, but there is nothing more demeaning than realizing that I have wiled and wasted precious time I will never get back.

Trust me, that realization comes even more of a shock as a parent. Seeing how much a child can grow from the first year to the second, to the third, fourth, fifth, and until they hit the teenaged years… it’s easy to feel under accomplished as an adult.

So I write, and I blog, and when my children are old enough to understand… I have something to show them and teach them with – let them know just who one of their parents is/was.

There is one other reason that I keep this blog.

❤ My life partner. ❤

For whatever reason, there are numerous people out there who feel that their “other half” should miraculously obtain ESP when he/she gets into a relationship. My husband and I often joke about this because I can read his mind 80% of the time, and he can read mine on odd days and even hours… but that comes from knowing your significant other. That comes from both parties making communication one of the top priorities. It comes from one party writing a mountain worth of stuff and sorting it in a blog while the other writes extensive emails…

… He has sent me emails that exceed 10k words a few times, and I have replied in kind.

On the days we don’t click quite so closely, we have a favorite phase to use to remind the other that “mind reading” isn’t real.

“Sorry, darling, the ESP is in my other pair of pants, and those needed to be washed.”

I don’t expect my life partner to know what I’m thinking. It shouldn’t be a guessing game. It shouldn’t be a one way street where the other party makes 100% of the effort when I don’t communicate. How many relationships do you know have failed because of this?

I know of quite a few. 😦

He shouldn’t have the expectation to know what’s in my head. So I share my thoughts here in answer to his question “What’s with the thousand-yard stare?” and the ever popular phrase “a penny for your thoughts…” Want to see someone come to truly understand you and love you for who you are?

Well, be honest, keep a blog, work on it, and it just might surprise you.

While I may have some unexplainable, awesome sense of intuition working for me, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. I use my powers carefully and for good… whenever applicable. For the parts that aren’t…

Well, you’re reading my blog, aren’t you? 😉

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Please have a fantabulous day, everyone. It is raining here in New Jersey, but I enjoy the rain. It’s Mother Nature’s version of a shower, and the air could use it.

❤ ❤ ❤

Lavender Wynter


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