Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Hi there,

It’s been a while. Outside of two posts in May, there hasn’t been any activity. Not to fret. I’ve been working on my writing more diligently than usual, hence the lack of activity. After all, this blog was supposed to be about telling stories.

Before it derailed into all sorts of other random stuff.

Closet Souls Chronicles is moving along. The novel length project that involves Trent Warwick and Chase Montgomery is looking about about seventeen thousand words currently, nearly nine thousand of which are post worthy. It just needs editing, proofreading, more editing, and then – if I find the courage to do so – posting it.

And that’s it for fiction updates.

As for yours truly, well, I’m currently at a place I wouldn’t recommend any of you travel through. I have a list of issues I’m trying to work through that may or may not have something to do with those around me.

In short, I am frustrated, filled with angst, and exhausted.

So tired that I don’t even have the strength to smile or put on that brave face in public that I’m surviving despite the exhaustion. Unless I absolutely need to say something, I haven’t bothered saying anything all day. I am that tired.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact I will never find time for me without always looking at the clock, and now I have to come to terms that maybe, just maybe, writing will not have the effect that it once did to help me cope with life.

I’m not depressed. This isn’t depression. I’m not moping about unable to find something to motivate me. A lot drives me at the moment – the story, my children, trying to understand the madness that is with their asthmatic-but-not-asthma symptoms.

This is just exhaustion – mentally and physically. Spiritually, I’m okay. I got the writing that’s keeping that afloat, but I have no idea how long I can hold onto it as I can only cut my twenty-four hours in so many different ways.


When my daughter has recovered from whatever cold/flu that’s ailing her this time, I’ll return for a more detailed post and share whatever pearls of wisdom I may have gleamed…

… if I remember them at the end of it all. XD


I hope all of you are fairing much better than me. Summer is officially here. Enjoy it for me. That big day star and I don’t play well together. It keeps trying to burn me. 🙂