Trent & Chase’s Story – CHAPTER 2

Hi there.

I hadn’t realized that I made the debut on a Tuesday, so as I was glancing at my blog, I realized that it is Tuesday…

So, Chapter 2…

This is a rather painful chapter to write because I think a character will end up dying down the road. I didn’t think it would happen when I started down this path, but armed with the internet, a couple of rather knowledgeable people, I came to learn a lot about mines.

And just how absolutely dangerous they are.

Aside from the animals, insects, and creatures that could have made a mine its home, mines have some very harmful chemicals in them – some even highly volatile. Benzene, Arsenic, Formaldehyde, unused dynamite sticks that may have leaked unstable nitroglycerin… and the list goes on.

Mines can be, and may very well be, contaminated to the point that breathing its air is highly dangerous.

If you enjoy the outdoors, enjoy exploring, and come across a hole in the ground, or on the side of a mountain, in a place you suspect mining has taken place, regardless of how long ago it is – recent or ancient, and it isn’t covered or protected by a grate or a gate… call your local authorities. Mark the area as best as you can.

I can make happy endings out of a story. Real life isn’t quite so accommodating.

Having said that, please do enjoy the story. You can find it through the link below~~

Undisclosed Conversations

❤ ❤ ❤


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