Trent & Chase – CHAPTER THREE

Hello there, my lovely followers,

I have no idea if any of you are actually keeping up with Undisclosed Conversations. I doubt it, but don’t worry, it’s not a reflection on you. I never expected people to care too much about it until many years from now, if anyone ever does. 😛

I must apologize for the wait. I had six chapters done when I first posted chapters 1 & 2, but after reading it over, too many things just didn’t seem realistic, other people I had sent emails to answer my questions and threw my assumptions out the window, and so I had to restart chapter 3. XD

I had thought about writing this story from both Trent and Chase’s perspectives, but it wasn’t working. I have kept it to Trent instead. Rest assured, it is in third person. I don’t like getting into my characters’ heads too much. Takes the enjoyment out of the story for me.

So… what to say about this chapter?

It is a whooping 6000+ word mini-monster, and as promised in my earlier post about Robin Williams, you will get to meet the character Ash whose little cartoon version has a permanent perch right here on my right shoulder. Callie is also in this chapter because… well, those two are a little joined at the hip or some other nonsense like that. 😉

And they are technically the main duo of the whole series. I know, I know. I’m writing things backwards. 😛

Topics? Issues?

Oh, plenty in this chapter, but I don’t know what to say about them, really.

Hm… how about Arsenic?

Arsenic is a natural compound we find in nature. One of the most common things we eat that contain arsenic is… RICE! I was reading somewhere that rice grown in TEXAS has a high concentration of arsenic – the inorganic kind versus the organic ones.

Organic arsenic is easier for the body to metabolize than the inorganic ones.

Brown rice have higher concentrations of arsenic than white rice, but for you to actually die of arsenic poisoning, you might have to ingest as much as 1500+ cups of rice in one sitting (let’s just say we all weigh 150lbs for this math equation). I do believe death by gluttony is more likely at that point than poisoning. 🙂

However, compounds such as arsenic can build up in your system, so while it may be impossible to eat 1500+ cups of rice in one sitting, it is highly probable to eat a lot of rice over the course of a week, or a lifetime – especially if you happen to be from a culture that eats a lot of rice. I grew up on rice. I can’t live without having it at least once a week, more like four or five times a week, and some countries have had disasters where the water table is heavily laced with arsenic!

Take West Virginia, for example. The amount of mining that used to go on in that state back in the 1800 and 1900s has caused a lot of arsenic (among other things) to have contaminated the water table.

And that will show up in the rice grains, if they grew rice there.

So. Here’s to ARSENIC awareness for this chapter!

I also know that I touched on a couple of issues like “international student” visas and I-20s, sponsorships for a working visa (H1B) and a green card (Permanent Resident Card)…

My information I’m writing about here is rather outdated. It’s from when I was in college, which at this point was early 2000s. Granted, it was after the devastating September 11, 2001 attack so security is pretty tight, but a lot of rules have changed. I would write something on that here, but I don’t want anyone who might come across this information to think “oh, so that’s how it’s done” when facts and figures have changed.

That would be highly irresponsible of me !!!!!!!!!

All right then…

Zee Disclaimer!

  1. Beta’d by Bitworks. Thank you so much, dear.
  2. Proofreading and editing all done by me, so all mistakes are mine.
  3. It is copyrighted, so please do not steal. And please do not ever take this work as your own for college if you’re in a creative writing program and in workshops. I’m under no illusions that my work reads that well. It doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop some people from stealing to save time and/or effort. If that does happen, I will be sure to have your educational program persecute you to the most extreme extent they can – plagiarism – and no educational institution takes that lightly.

I hope you enjoy the new chapter. You can find the link to the new chapter RIGHT HERE.

Much, much love.

❤ ❤ ❤


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