Trent & Chase – CHAPTER FIVE

Hello there~~

Chapter FIVE be posted!! 😀

I’m not… unreasonably late this time around, right? Just two days past the bi-weekly mark? 😀

So, what to say about this chapter?

Because I wrote my stories backwards – Chase and Trent before Ash and Callie – I had to give some space to the rest of the cast. Here be Callie. She is a sweet girl. Misguided in the grand scheme of the world. Loved by me. And is pure of heart.

Like Trent, she has an ability. It’ll be revealed in the next chapter what it may be… I think. 😛

Definitely a conversation heavy chapter, and I hope this gives you some insight into both Trent and Callie.

So… Why the focus on the US Air Force?

Mostly because I’m married to a USAF prior serviceman, honorably discharged. Also because the Air Force is the one branch that doesn’t really allow media be distributed about itself on a regular basis, which makes perfect sense. The Air Force broke off from the US Army back in the day, and this apparently requires some high ASFAB scores to get into.

Reason behind it is because of the equipment the Air Force works with, and I’m over simplifying this. A lot of complicated stuff on top of what some of the other branches already uses. Sometimes these guys don’t just learn about what the AF uses, but also what the Army, Navy, and Marines also use since specialists do get embedded with the other branches. Possibly even the Coast Guard, or the Air National Guard… but don’t quote me on that.

“In the rear with the gear”… Lord Wynter is rather fond of saying. They do have a lot of gear, but, it can arguably said that if the boys aren’t there capable of doing what needs to be done, even when embedded with special forces, then the United States won’t have the advantage on the battlefield she does today.

However, even with a high ASFAB score, there’s no guarantee that one will have a specialist job, or even capable of making the cut. Whole slew of other things like psych eval, academics, fitness, and a slew of other things I’m not that knowledgeable about makes this… not an easy walk, I would think.

Then again, I know somebody who was in the Air Force and she’s not very bright. Rather stupid, I would say, but I’m being biased perhaps. Or just plain jaded. Probably the latter. Maybe both… BAH!

Either which way, the AF fascinates me to no end because it is, hands down, the one branch with the highest concentration of geeks and nerds. With muscles. Well. Mine came with muscles. 🙂

Mine’s also a specialist (not EOD) and is qualified for a wide array of shooting weapons. Know a bit about things that go boom (Again. Not EOD). He likes to take “thinking outside the box” to a whole new level.

Which the Air Force both loved and hated at the same time. XD

And I have a THING for geeky boys. Seriously. UNF.

Now, I’m not on a mission to regale people with the inner workings of this specific branch of the military. Even if I was authorized to know about any of this stuff, which I’m not because I’m a foreign national, I’m not comfortable with sharing things that seem to be stalked pretty heavily by the enemies of the United States, United Nations, and a few other nations I haven’t had the time to double-check so I’m not listing them.

The Army and Navy guys like to bash on the Air Force, saying they’re just all brain and nothing much else… pussies and the like… and I get very defensive to the point of being down-right-bitch-class-nasty when people do that. My Air Force airman has big brains, has no problems bending most of these scrawny Army and Navy pussies into a pretzel if they won’t quit it with the stupidity, and had been through indoc training that was a variation like what the Air Force Pararescuemen go through, which arguably is the same thing Navy SEALs go through… only our PJs do it for six weeks longer (so I heard).

Hubby spends more time during the indoc in the field whereas the PJs spend more time in the pool. The runs are the same. The calisthenics are also the same. Same time, same number, etc. So the next person that wants to stand there, or sit if you rather, and tell me the AF men aren’t as up-to-grade as the rest of you…

Take that. *huff huff pant pant*… *climbs down off the podium stand*


ANYWAY. Where was I?… Oh, right. Callie. Really have nothing else to say about her at this moment. Will save the rest of that for the story.


♦   ♦   ♦

Now… for the thing we all hate.


  1. Beta’d by the tall, brunette, and moon-tanned Bitworks.
  2. Proofreading and editing all done by me; therefore, all mistakes are mine.
  3. It is copyrighted. I will take every available action known to me if it is stolen and/or submitted to a creative writing workshop class as your own work. Think Athena with Her Father’s Lighting Bolt. And Hera’s wrath.

I hope you enjoy the new chapter. You can find the link to the new chapter RIGHT HERE.

Have an awesome week and weekend. ⭐ AUTUMN IS HERE!

😀 😀 😀

Happy reading!


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