Trent & Chase – Chapter Six! LIVE!

Good… morning?

Or is it afternoon?

Just what time is it? XD

Oh, 9:40… am. I’ve been up for 9 hours now.

If you read typos on this, forgive me. My husband decided he was going to come to bed around midnight – half naked (whee!), scoot himself to the center of the bed, and then proceeded to cuddle-sleep the night away with me, supposedly, in his arms.

Romantic. Fantasy. Practically a dream. Perfect Hollywood moment kinda thing.

In actuality, this happened:

He woke me up from the movement of the bed. Then I couldn’t get comfortable. Then he passed out…

On my side of the bed, his head on two pillows.

But he was facing me, on his side. And I think he thought my thigh was probably under his thigh? Probably his brain confusing dream for reality. So I rolled onto my left side and tried to get back to sleep on two feet of bed.

We have a King-sized bed.

And then his knee started this jerking motion that ended up tapping my butt every thirty seconds.

It wasn’t a kick. Just a tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap… I’ve been up since.

Okay, not quite. I fell back asleep between 5:15 and 6:40… and proceeded to throw myself out of bed when my husband told me it was 6:40… All the while muttering…

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit… as I took the stairs two at a time down. That I didn’t trip or give myself facial reconstructive surgery was impressive.

I got my kids to school on time. Barely. But I did it. XD

Now for the rest of my day. After this post is laundry, grocery shopping, and a birthday card to fill out for a Mr. Quad. (You know who you are… :D)

SO… I bring you… Chapter Six!

First off, however, is the DISCLAIMER:

  1. Beta’d by the caffeine-driving Bitworks. Thank you, dear. J ❤
  2. Proofreading and editing all done by yours truly; therefore, all mistakes are mine. If you find any, please send me a note. I hate typos.
  3. It is copyrighted. Don’t steal. Period.

I hope you enjoy. You can find the link to the new chapter RIGHT HERE.



I actually am doing some light Halloween decorations this year. Mostly just lights. My kids love lights.

😀 😀 😀


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