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Writing Update!

It is 3:30am, and I’ve been up since 2. Catelyn is burning a high fever and having a cough that concerns me. Looks like no school for her for the rest of the week, and it’ll be another pediatric appointment. Hopefully I can get it as early as possible. Aiden has a half-day, home by 1:30 and Hubby’ll be gone.

Thanksgiving is this week, plus all the deals, and I haven’t a spare moment to take a look. Normally, it isn’t such a big deal, but now that I have in-laws and nieces and motherly necessities, suddenly the sales and deals during this week just became super important.


Who here remembers I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month?


Well, then, let me just regale you with what’s going on over there.

*takes dramatic breath*

Undisclosed Conversation is finished.

Wasn’t expecting that, were you? 😀

Didn’t think so. 😉

Winner-2014-Square-ButtonBut it is. The word count for the chapters not posted on the website (9 through 17 if you were curious) has a closing word count of 52,771 words. And it has been validated. This closes out the whole book, unedited, at over 100,000 words.

← And here’s the badge from NaNoWriMo. I find it kind of funny. They actually have a few of these formats made for when you finish. There’s a banner, a Facebook one, Twitter one, and this one. I’m not entirely sure I’ll be posting this anywhere else since… I cheated. XD

Okay, maybe it’ll go on my LinkedIn profile.


When that particular piece of reality hit – finishing the novel, my initial reaction was this: “Oh, fu*k me, I got a lot of editing to do.”

Yeah… XD

Although that isn’t as substantial as the fact that I’ve actually finished Undisclosed Conversation. It’s working its way through my brain, and will probably still be doing so after Thanksgiving.

What’s the big deal?

Well, nothing really. I finished a story. It’s not a big deal by itself, but it is a big deal for me. This is the first writing project I’ve had the opportunity to actually finish. I’ve written since I was thirteen – all pretty big projects. I suppose my thought has always been “Go big or go home.” At thirty-two, this would be the first writing project I finished because life had too many demands on me where I couldn’t make adjustments for personal writing time.

This feat is achieved from substituting the time I would spend for a Master’s Degree – which my parents keep nudging me towards – for writing.

So, it is, embarrassingly, a big deal.

Especially since the last 3 chapters gave me heartbreak.

No, that’s not a typo.

Three chapters before the ending, I was in a funk. Complete I-don’t-want-this-to-end funk. Lost my drive after finishing the 1st of the three remaining, plowed forward with the middle chapter… and began/delete the last chapter 5 times before I began venting my frustrations at my Beta/Muse.

Who, wisely, had this to offer:

You’ve written the first chapter for your audience. Now write the final chapter for yourself.

For myself…

If there was one thing about Chase and Trent that I knew I had to have, it was a together ending… happily ever after on their terms. It took me quite a few precious days to find it, but I think I did.

And then I balled my own eyes out over my ending. XD


But, hey, I patted myself on the back, looked toward the editing with dread, and sometime between validating my work and Sunday night, the editing bug flew by and bit me in the ass.

Go figure, right?

So I’m editing 9 through 17 like crazy.

And attempting to write an extra side (18+) scene into the story.


Why not? *shrugs* They keep displaying the damn scene in my head for me for over two months now. If that isn’t a particular hint, I don’t know what is. XD

Edits… edits… edits… Somebody shoot me.

I had posted on Tumblr a while ago saying that I’m too wordy. Indeed, I am. This novel really shouldn’t be past 75k words at maximum, and I’d wanted to trim it. Again, per my usual BITWORKS-I-NEEEEEED-HELP attitude, I ran to my Beta and asked for his opinion.

He asked: Who’d you write it for?

I answered: Hubby*. And me. Us. I wrote it for us.

He asked: Then what’s the problem?

I answered: Nothing, I guess.

He said: Good guess. Now, give yourself a break. Go outside and smell winter… isn’t that season your namesake?

So I went outside and smelled winter. By golly… it is cold this year. Even I shivered in my snow boots. XD

Wait, Wynter, there’s an asterisk up there.

Why yes, yes there is… because Hubby and Beta/Bitworks is the same person, so I was, in actuality, saying I wrote it for him and me. Which I did.

Why do I use different names?

They’re all pseudonyms, just like my Lavender Wynter. I’m Mary, by the way, for any of you who are interested, nice to meet you… and if I was to ever be published, I already have a pen name for that too – Moira Wynter – Mary Wynter in Irish, so to speak.

Before Hubby is Hubby, I knew him by his online handle(s) *ahem*. Many of our friends still call us by those instead of our given names because that is just what we knew each other by… and Bitworks and I have known each other since 2001… which, in hindsight, is venturing into the territory of “It’s been a while!”

Awesome, if I do say so myself.

On December 11, 2015 – which is next year… we will officially have been together for 10 years as what we are now, not just best friends. That date was when he put this ring *waves* on my finger. It wasn’t an engagement ring, or a marriage ring. It served as a commitment ring.

Yes, there is a difference.

But “Hubby” and “Bestfriend/Muse/Beta” is used to mark certain periods in my life regarding our relationship. Bitworks is “Bestfriend/Muse/Beta” first in our relationship before he became “Hubby.”

Or as I’ll like to call him… “Honey.”

So in my head, it works like that. When I need my Muse, my brain clicks “Bitworks.” When I’m… well, doing wifely things, my brain clicks “Honey.”

And yes, we do email a lot. I know, we live in the same house, but you wouldn’t believe how little we say to each other on most days. It’s all done via E-mail. Old habits are hard to break. We didn’t actually started being close to each other – literally – until 2008 where we lived in the same apartment. Before, I was in Texas and he was in New Jersey. We communicated by E-mail. And my personal Journal. Daily.

Anyhow, moving on.


I just wanted all of you to know that… it is finished. Only took 1000 words for me to say so. XD

Have a happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it!

Trent & Chase – Chapter 8 Now LIVE!

Good Morning! 😀

At least it is morning as I am typing this. ⭐ HAPPY NOVEMBER!!

As the title suggests, Chapter 8 is posted at a whooping 11,000+ words. As much patience as I have for long-winded stuff, George R. R. Martin not withstanding, even I have come to understand of a-loved-author-I-follow’s passionate dislike for editing after the completion of this chapter.

It is a beast on ugly days. Truly is. 😛

So ridiculously delighted that it is behind me. However, seeing that the next book, or following books might just be more “action” than “romance”… obviously I have some thinking to do, eh? XD

About the Chapter ~~

I have attempted numerous times across many days to split this monster chapter into two parts. It just couldn’t be done equally. It also made it somewhat annoying to read when I tried. My beta reader told me to leave it. He dislikes “cliffhangers” and thoroughly loves that I wrapped up the whole incident neatly in one chapter, leaving the rest of the novel for its original intention.

Since I am writing this for the person who has supported my writing since my college days, I decided to leave it as-is. 🙂

If I was to regale you how my Husband and I ended up getting hitched and how we came about to be where we are, most of you might think I’m making things up. So if my life can be unbelievable non-fiction, I was plagued with the question of how to make a story “believable fiction” from the very beginning.

Two alpha males. Two worlds. Now I need to throw them together more than just a simple X in the crossroads.

This chapter was what it took to get me there. As my Beta said, Chase had been on Trent’s radar since Chapter 1, but Trent isn’t on Chase’s radar. I have to get them there for this story to be more “two men finding each other” than “one man obsessively running after the other.”

“You will end up hating Trent if you do the latter, and I like Trent,” he had warned me.

What’d you know? He’s right. I would, because that’s exactly where it went before I had to reset back to Chapter 6 and try again. I had to do something that’ll put Trent and Chase on the same playing field.

The Det-Cord was thrown in for my personal fun. 😉

Even I think taking 8 chapters to finally get these men on equal footing is… stomping on the side of “ridiculous.” But… It’s my first novel. It’s practice. I’m getting my feet wet. I think I’m doing an okay job of it. If you don’t think so, kindly keep them to yourself for now. You can bash and punch in Book 2, but let me just have my men and enjoy them now.

I would like to say that this will probably be the extent of my US Air Force Para-rescue and Combat Search and Rescue obsession, but I doubt it. One of the books coming later – involving extensively of my Chase & Trent duo, will probably be about that.

I will have to find a few USAF Pararescuemen to chat with first. XD

So… The link to the NEW CHAPTER IS HERE. I do hope you enjoy.

Now for a Little Update ~~

I am participating in this month’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). If interested, you can find my profile HERE. The goal of this project is to write a novel in 30 days. Their definition of a novel is 50,000+ words. As of Chapter Eight, I’m past it. Therefore, my goal for NaNoWriMo is this:

Finish this story.

I don’t think I have another 50,000 words left in this. I don’t know. We shall see.

How I propose going about this without making it seem like I’m “cheating” would be counting only the words of the chapters I am writing – which is 13 onwards. If I finish the story, but is short of the word count, I’ll add everything from Chapters 1 through 12 to it to claim a victory because at that point, I did, in fact, finish both goals.

If I didn’t finish the story, then I won’t be adding anything to my word count. This year will be marked as “did not succeed.”

I think it’s relatively fair. 🙂

Unfortunately, that means the posting of this story is now on hiatus until December. I won’t be spending time editing. ONLY WRITING.

For those of you also involved in the NaNoWriMo, ⭐ ⭐ GOOD LUCK! ⭐ ⭐

*   *   *

Wynter, out. 🙂