A Little Update…

Happy New Year, my friends.

I have, unfortunately, entered 2015 with the wrong kind of bang. Truth be told, I haven’t written a single word towards a story since that 4th weekend of November, and with a project pending for February 14, 2015, it’s put me in a rather dark funk. Ever since the writing has taken back a stronghold in my life, it doesn’t like relinquishing its allotment of time – especially to things as mundane as cleaning up my house and making way for busy schedules.

Indeed, the last three weeks or so had seen, in the four walls of my very humble (and very under construction) abode, monumental amounts of cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the chosen pastime of yours truly, but Chinese New Year is coming up… And I’ve resolved myself to getting rid of things I am no longer using or will not see myself using in the future by either giving them away to people who could use them or donating them where I can – namely a lot of baby and maternity things I had kept solely for the expectation of Baby Number Three.

Hubby still hold the hope, I believe, somewhere in his heart for a Third. I can’t say I’ve completely killed it myself, but with me trying to get a foothold in moving this family – and myself – forward… a Third Child is just not in the works with our current financial means. 😦

That will require me to have a full-time paying job, some very nice medical benefits, and giving up my time for writing again. It also encompasses the possibility that I have to ditch the plans on becoming a proofreader-into-editor that I had been chewing on for the last… six months now? We’d just crossed that threshold where we could take children on vacations and long car journeys cross country without too much fuss. A new baby means another three year setback at the minimum.

Not to mention the boggling expenses of international trips to both Taiwan and Ireland are simply out of our grasp. As is, I’m looking at nearly $10k just for a family of four to go back to Taiwan once. Another will add another $2500-$3500 to the tab. Some people in this country barely make $13,500 a year, nevermind throwing most of it down for airfare.

We have come to the agreement that if we were to ever win the lottery, then by all means, I will have another child, stars permitting – because at that point, I can hire help to maintain my writing schedule, and things like $15,000 in airfare for one family trip across the Pacific Ocean doesn’t mean I have to spend years saving by never taking another vacation or not buying something nice for myself once in a while. My entire wardrobe right now consists of frayed and bleach-damaged t-shirts with an assortment of shorts and pants that should never see the light of day outside my house.

And they don’t, thankfully. I have some very worn jeans for that and then “borrow” Bitwork’s work shirts if I have to make grocery runs or drop my children off at school.

What? We share the same closet! XD

So, seeing that it’s 2015, I think the popular thing is having New Year resolutions or goals? Not that I’m a follower of trends…

I have a story to edit (still), a couple of novels to write, one short story (unless the word count runs away from me), and one inkling of something that’s been floating around in my head for a while but haven’t found solid ground to make progress yet.

Other than that, not much else. Like I said in my last post, with a pending Summer trip back to Taiwan this year, I’m pretty booked as far as expendable energy goes. And money.

And my parents are in town, sort of, until the end of January I think. This week finds them in Las Vegas for the CES convention. My father works as a consultant for a friend of his in the business and had been hired for the purpose of hopefully making some substantial connections at this convention with the other bigwigs.

And they’ll be back for my brother’s graduation. So, it’s a busy year for my parents too.

As for the lack of posting on Undisclosed Conversation, I am, unfortunately, still slaving over the editing and with the lessons learned, I’m really becoming more adamant about not publishing anything online until the whole work has been written, read, re-read, edited, read again, edited again, contemplate re-writing the whole thing, and then finally sharing. XD

Actually, A. F. Henley shared something on the wonderful processes of publishing a work last month on the 20th. By all means, read it. I love his wit, and he made it all lighthearted and stuff. It’s very encouraging, really, and I’m glad he did it at the end of 2014 going into 2015. It really does answer a lot of questions for those of you who might be wondering just what the process is. Granted, it’s different for every person, but if you’re interested, Jennifer Fallon also covered it in her How to Write a Bestseller series. She, too, has good wit – in my very humble opinion.

In case any of you are wondering if you’ll keep reading about AF Henley here, the answer is yes, here and there, much in the same way you’ve read about Bitworks, Stark-black, and Jennifer Fallon. ❤

Because a few very lovely people have pointed out and kept reminding me… it is my blog, so like it or not, these people are here to stay with me for the long haul as far as my obsession dedication goes.

I hope all of you are seeing a wonderful start to your new year. Plenty have people have voiced opinions that they’re not sorry to see 2014 go as a relatively uneasy year to get through. Mine were in 2012 and 2013, so 2014 had seen changes for the better. Like many others, I’m hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that 2015 will be an absolute blast!

I wish all of you the best, and for those of you in the regions of the world where the wonky weather is affecting you more than it is me…

Please, be safe, and in the words of Jerry Springer, “Take care of yourself and each other.”


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