“Undisclosed Conversation” is…

Finished. All 17 chapters.

There’s a gynormous small part of me that wanted to take it all down, tear it apart, and rewrite the 1st half of the story. It nearly happened, but I chose not to for this reason: I wanted to know just how far I’ve walked when I finally turn to look back five years from now. Every milestone, every effort, and every little improvement I see myself making is another little stone in the bucket of encouragement.

And I, of all people, need a boat load of encouragement. 😛

This project had been monumental for me – empire state building sized. I didn’t just write a short story, a one shot, or a fanfic. This is a novel, no less than 50,000 words long, the meat of it written during National Novel Writing Month of 2014 (NaNoWriMo), and has my own original characters in them.

And it was written for Bitworks, the man who refused to give up on me when I wanted to give up on myself.

This was the first step of many destinations I had set out to find when I declared “Creative Writing” as a concentration for my English degree. The road had been long, ridiculously winding, almost vertical in some spots, and I honestly believed I would never get here.

The link to the full Undisclosed Conversation is HERE, and all disclaimers…

  1. The Whole Book was beta-read by the awesome BITWORKS!
  2. Chapter extras are not beta-read.
  3. All mistakes belong to me (to have and to hold until death do us part).
  4. Please do not steal. My writing isn’t that good. Trust me on this.

… apply still, ‘mkay? I do hope you enjoy. As always, feedback is welcome. ❤

*   *   *

If you have ventured back here for the story I had originally posted, I took it down because I had accidentally flipped some of the sequences backwards.

Do not fret. I’m making a full post about it soon instead of in parts.

With ❤

~ Lavender Wynter