There Be Fanfic!

In the world of Bleach, titled “An Unexpected Encounter.” It is m/m for those readers who don’t particularly care for that kind of stuff and sits around 5,500 words. It doesn’t have smut, rated (by me) at a PG-13. Characters involved are: Urahara Kisuke & Kuchiki Byakuya.

Personally, I don’t think it worked, but someone else might think it did… right? 😦

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my OTP (One-True-Pair). I keep thinking about them (Yoruichi x Kisuke) but until some of these little feather ideas takes a biting hold, I’m still sitting on idea after idea. They’ll come to be, one day, I promise.

This one is a bit of a stand-alone in my world of stories, but not totally. Everything I write about Urahara Kisuke is my version of him, and there’s something about this man that makes him so versatile, it’s too fun. My favorite character.

It might be his genius intellect, but seeing that I’m not that smart, I wouldn’t know how to utilize it as much as I think it should be.

I’ve been itching to get back into the world of Bleach for a long time this year, but the mood came and went rather frequently. A lot of little drabbles got started with the intent on making them into a full story, but none of them survived the 72-hour stare-fest thus far. Don’t worry, the notes are there. These things usually takes some time to manifest in my head. When it does, though, that’s when you’ll find me active on my Tumblr Blog during the wee-hours of the night where I should, theoretically, be sleeping. XD

Although in the midst of editing “An Unexpected Encounter,” I saw something I wrote that I didn’t realize meant something and it’s led to a re-reading of the first few volumes of the series as I try to hammer down the details. Until I get the rest of the series delivered to me in October, it’s just note taking right now and hashing out a personal time line. Last thing I need is to look like a buffoon who forgot details. XD

Yes, it is – at this point anyway – Kisuke and Yoruichi centric plus a few more characters.

As for Book 2 of the Original Fiction section, it’s taken a hiatus. I just haven’t had time this year to work on it.

If anybody else would like to read a story of a different character, please do send me a note. It can be in the comments or even in my email. I can’t promise I’ll do a spectacular job of it, but I promise I can try my best! 🙂

Hope all of you are well-rested at the start of this new week! August comes to and end today. September is here tomorrow. That means, hopefully, cooler weather is on its way soon.

By golly, I need cooler weather. XD

Much love from Yours Truly! ❤