A Novelette: “Misguided Chains”

Hello there dear friends and followers,

I came by an interesting young man about a year and a half ago. Shortly after I started following his Tumblr blog, Tumblr deleted it. I wrote a rant that eventually got discovered by a follower and friend of his. As the days passed, I came to learn of his email I remember not where, and sent him a note that wished him the best wherever he was headed. He wasn’t planning on coming back.

But he did, thankfully, and sent me a message that made me smile. His Tumblr content is definitely not for minors (hence why it is not being linked here), and some of those pictures and captions have me quirking eyebrows and laughing. There was one thing about this young man that really struck me, and that was the number of questions he gets that he answers honestly and as directly as he can. He never claim to be “the word” on anything, but he will offer his perspective. The greatest thing about this young man is how strongly he stood for a healthy BDSM relationship.

As I learn the ropes to celebrating Thanksgiving in 2014, I got struck with the idea of writing this young man a short story based on his Q&A. When Fifty Shades of Grey was scheduled to come out on Valentine’s Day in 2015, I thought it would also serve as a good retaliation effort against it as well. Unfortunately, 2015 tried to eat me alive without my permission (and didn’t even have the decency of giving me safe words so I can breathe when I need to, the nerve of life!).

Then Tumblr did it again: deleted this particular voice in the crowd, for whatever reason. I hated myself and heavily regretted for making the time to complete this project when I had the chance.

When he came back for the 3rd time, I figured the number’s the charm, right? This story was making it in time for Christmas Eve, come hell or high water.

I know this particular individual in the beginning as YouthfulDominance. When he returned, he came back as BlissfulDominance. Today, we know him as TemptingDominance.

While this young man inspired this story, it’s not about him. For those of you who might know who he is in real life, any similarities is completely coincidental, except for the height of Benjamin. Benjamin is tall because TemptingDominance is tall. 😉

So, for you, Young Sir, to thank you for all you do, I present “Misguided Chains” (Link below the line).

Before I actually offer up the link, I want to give my deepest and most sincere and grateful thanks to “flashdoggy” who Beta-Read for me. Thank you, my friend, for finding the time to give me a hand in the middle of your crazy-busy schedule. I appreciate your help immensely.


Rating: PG-13

Warning(s): Language; Discussion about abuse; BDSM; M/M; Nudity.

Word Count: ± 17,500 words


Benjamin is a successful project manager that worked in the cutting edge industry of self-contained energy. An experience Dominant who has a rule for just about everything he does in kink, he stumbles across a new Submissive in the middle of a potentially fatal BDSM scene one winter night who rattles his rules like Benjamin’s never experienced before.

Keith is a graduate student attending University of Texas at San Antonio. In hopes of learning about BDSM and himself, he pairs up with another experienced Dominant man who was more than he had bargained for. When he was rescued from a potentially fatal experience one night, Keith must figure out where it is he wants to go. Before that can happen, however, he’s got much to learn in the area of kink.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.