A Teeny Bit ‘o Update

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day. It’s an interesting celebration, to say the least, because what happens here in the United States is, according to hubby, nothing like what goes on in Ireland. He told me his family in Ireland will typically attend church twice on St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s usually a pot luck dinner afterwards. It’s very quiet. There isn’t a whole lot about drinking.

There certainly isn’t something as crass as Coors Light “hosting” St. Patrick’s Day. That’s like having Bud Light host Oktoberfest. Blasphemy!

Anyway, I actually started blogging in Chinese in the month of March. The objective is to have something for my mother to follow along on and for me to practice my Chinese, but I have yet to give her the link as I haven’t a clue if she knew how to go to websites. Apps she knows how to navigate somewhat, but a website might be beyond her.

I do feel bad about blogging in Chinese because Bitworks can’t read it. I’ve never really written or held anything he couldn’t read, so I think from now on, I might have to do a double post. One in Chinese over on my Chinese blog and then a translation of that post over here. So if you start seeing back-log showing up (before the post date of this post), that’s because I’m working on translating the things over there to over here.

This is a rather time consuming process.

Just a heads up. I haven’t abandoned this blog. I’m just rather busy. I mean, seriously, I make it onto social media twice a week now if I’m lucky. Sheesh.

I think I’ve been forgotten, be honest with you. XD


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