About Me

What to write…?

In the English world, I’m known as ‘Mary.’ It’s not a name I chose for myself, but it’s hard to stop using it after decades. I actually don’t like being called “Mary,” but just about everyone knows this name, so it’s kept. I actually prefer to just be called “Wynter.”

A Pisces born in the month of February, I’m a true Introvert. If interested, here is a small general summary of what my personality could be like to an online test based on Carl Jung’s research and the MBTI: “INFJ”

I enjoy reading, writing, creating worlds, and listening to music (on some days.) I enjoy folklore, mythology, adventure, fantasy, and mystery genres as a child. Now, my primary focus is writing fantasy fiction with a small side of romance if the urge strikes (although that is quite rare). I hope to learn and master the art of drawing one day, giving my writing some life with pictures.

I am Taiwanese, born but not raised there. I’m also what’s known as a “Third Culture Kid,” and find it very difficult to actually ingrain myself into any one particular culture. I’m a permanent outsider, so my thoughts and point-of-views will be somewhat different than most people from any one specific region.

Currently, I reside in the state of New Jersey; a full-time mother, wife, and caretaker of wildlife. I hope to live in Ireland and Scotland for a short while. I hear it’s beautiful there.

Hm, I think that’s quite enough.

Thank you for visiting. I wish you a pleasant and wonderful day!