Saturday, 3 December 2016

This section should be pretty self-explanatory. Here be the English Fan-fiction works that I write. Without any further ado, here are the important things:

Please note that (1) the universe “Jūjironokirin” and its original characters belong to me as does the original characters of Closet Souls Chronicles, and all copyrights apply, (2) Bleach and its characters belong to Kubo Noriaki, aka Kubo Tite, (3) no money is being made from any of the fanfiction works, (4) these stories are non-canon to Bleach, and (5) I request that any of these works not be distributed or re-posted. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy =). Links to stories found below:


In Chronological Order:

  • “Love Me” – PG-13; ± 2,500 words; PWP, Angst, Fluff; Shihōin Yoruichi x Urahara Kisuke. Summary: Kisuke helps Yoruichi figure a way out of a traditional bind. Time: Takes place before Kisuke joins the Gotei Thirteen.
  • “An Unexpected Encounter” – PG-13; ± 5,500 words; PWP; Kuchiki Byakuya x Urahara Kisuke. Summary: Kuchiki Byakuya couldn’t get a person out of his thoughts, and when he runs into Urahara Kisuke, unexpected things happened. Time: Takes place after Bleach’s Third Movie “Fade to Black.”


“Asking Nicely” – R – Adult topics, language, hints of sex; ± 12,000 words; m/m, m/f, angst, SPOILER, fluff; Shihōin Yoruichi x Urahara Kisuke // Hisagi Shūhei x Kira Izuru (hinted) // Urahara Kisuke x Hisagi Shūhei. Summary: Hisagi played a prank on Hanatarō which Urahara rescued him from. Now Urahara intervenes. (The writing exercise that started it all for me but does not pertain (really) to my take of the fandom. This was written as a fan follow up to Stark_Black’s original fanfic, “A Little Help?” featuring Urahara Kisuke x Hanatarō Yamada. Rated R. My story doesn’t have any pertinence to Stark_Black’s story.)

Drabbles & Shorts


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