Misguided Chains (Novella)

  • PG-13
  • Warning(s):  Language; Discussion about abuse; BDSM; M/M; Nudity.
  • Word Count: ± 17,500 words
  • Summary:

Benjamin is a successful project manager that worked in the cutting edge industry of self-contained energy. An experience Dominant who has a rule for just about everything he does in kink, he stumbles across a new Submissive in the middle of a potentially fatal BDSM scene one winter night who rattles his rules like Benjamin’s never experienced before.

Keith is a graduate student attending University of Texas at San Antonio. In hopes of learning about BDSM and himself, he pairs up with another experienced Dominant man who was more than he had bargained for. When he was rescued from a potentially fatal experience one night, Keith must figure out where it is he wants to go. Before that can happen, however, he’s got much to learn in the area of kink.


Copyright© 2014-2016


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