2014 In Perspective

If I was to stand in this week back in 2013 and someone was to tell me of all the things I’m going to find myself in, I’ll have scoffed and said, “Yeah, right… That’ll never happen. Why would I make that much crazy for myself?” 🙂

Yet, that’s exactly what I did and made myself wrong in my assumptions. 😉

This year, like the ones before, have seen plenty of bad days of me, but the one thing this year had that the previous ones didn’t was the increase in good days. As the hours ticked by – some crawling, some echoing the sonic boom – I’ve made it through another year and marvel, yes – marvel, at all the things I’ve managed to accomplish. 😀

Some were planned, while others not so much. XD

But the surprises that lay in wait for me has made this year a rarity, indeed. Especially since I hadn’t made any goals for 2014. I was too battered by 2013 to even think about getting myself back into the swing of things. Add the possibility that my children may be asthmatic on top of it and my husband’s added responsibilities at work that were already above and beyond his job description, 2014 came with the impending feel of doom.

Either I crawl to the finish line, or it was going to kill me. :/

Oh… I’m crawling, but it is with a smile and a light heart instead of a heavy one. ❤

So… 2014, ladies and gentlemen, in review~  ➡

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