A Novelette: “Misguided Chains”

Hello there dear friends and followers,

I came by an interesting young man about a year and a half ago. Shortly after I started following his Tumblr blog, Tumblr deleted it. I wrote a rant that eventually got discovered by a follower and friend of his. As the days passed, I came to learn of his email I remember not where, and sent him a note that wished him the best wherever he was headed. He wasn’t planning on coming back.

But he did, thankfully, and sent me a message that made me smile. His Tumblr content is definitely not for minors (hence why it is not being linked here), and some of those pictures and captions have me quirking eyebrows and laughing. There was one thing about this young man that really struck me, and that was the number of questions he gets that he answers honestly and as directly as he can. He never claim to be “the word” on anything, but he will offer his perspective. The greatest thing about this young man is how strongly he stood for a healthy BDSM relationship.

As I learn the ropes to celebrating Thanksgiving in 2014, I got struck with the idea of writing this young man a short story based on his Q&A. When Fifty Shades of Grey was scheduled to come out on Valentine’s Day in 2015, I thought it would also serve as a good retaliation effort against it as well. Unfortunately, 2015 tried to eat me alive without my permission (and didn’t even have the decency of giving me safe words so I can breathe when I need to, the nerve of life!).

Then Tumblr did it again: deleted this particular voice in the crowd, for whatever reason. I hated myself and heavily regretted for making the time to complete this project when I had the chance.

When he came back for the 3rd time, I figured the number’s the charm, right? This story was making it in time for Christmas Eve, come hell or high water.

I know this particular individual in the beginning as YouthfulDominance. When he returned, he came back as BlissfulDominance. Today, we know him as TemptingDominance.

While this young man inspired this story, it’s not about him. For those of you who might know who he is in real life, any similarities is completely coincidental, except for the height of Benjamin. Benjamin is tall because TemptingDominance is tall. 😉

So, for you, Young Sir, to thank you for all you do, I present “Misguided Chains” (Link below the line).

Before I actually offer up the link, I want to give my deepest and most sincere and grateful thanks to “flashdoggy” who Beta-Read for me. Thank you, my friend, for finding the time to give me a hand in the middle of your crazy-busy schedule. I appreciate your help immensely.


Rating: PG-13

Warning(s): Language; Discussion about abuse; BDSM; M/M; Nudity.

Word Count: ± 17,500 words


Benjamin is a successful project manager that worked in the cutting edge industry of self-contained energy. An experience Dominant who has a rule for just about everything he does in kink, he stumbles across a new Submissive in the middle of a potentially fatal BDSM scene one winter night who rattles his rules like Benjamin’s never experienced before.

Keith is a graduate student attending University of Texas at San Antonio. In hopes of learning about BDSM and himself, he pairs up with another experienced Dominant man who was more than he had bargained for. When he was rescued from a potentially fatal experience one night, Keith must figure out where it is he wants to go. Before that can happen, however, he’s got much to learn in the area of kink.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


“Undisclosed Conversation” is…

Finished. All 17 chapters.

There’s a gynormous small part of me that wanted to take it all down, tear it apart, and rewrite the 1st half of the story. It nearly happened, but I chose not to for this reason: I wanted to know just how far I’ve walked when I finally turn to look back five years from now. Every milestone, every effort, and every little improvement I see myself making is another little stone in the bucket of encouragement.

And I, of all people, need a boat load of encouragement. 😛

This project had been monumental for me – empire state building sized. I didn’t just write a short story, a one shot, or a fanfic. This is a novel, no less than 50,000 words long, the meat of it written during National Novel Writing Month of 2014 (NaNoWriMo), and has my own original characters in them.

And it was written for Bitworks, the man who refused to give up on me when I wanted to give up on myself.

This was the first step of many destinations I had set out to find when I declared “Creative Writing” as a concentration for my English degree. The road had been long, ridiculously winding, almost vertical in some spots, and I honestly believed I would never get here.

The link to the full Undisclosed Conversation is HERE, and all disclaimers…

  1. The Whole Book was beta-read by the awesome BITWORKS!
  2. Chapter extras are not beta-read.
  3. All mistakes belong to me (to have and to hold until death do us part).
  4. Please do not steal. My writing isn’t that good. Trust me on this.

… apply still, ‘mkay? I do hope you enjoy. As always, feedback is welcome. ❤

*   *   *

If you have ventured back here for the story I had originally posted, I took it down because I had accidentally flipped some of the sequences backwards.

Do not fret. I’m making a full post about it soon instead of in parts.

With ❤

~ Lavender Wynter

Trent & Chase – Chapters 9 & 10 are now LIVE!

Sick and tired of my Family posts yet? 😉

Yeah, that’s what I thought. You know what? Me too.

That’s why this is going up today instead of next Tuesday, and there’s an erotic scene bonus (that’s not in the story for those of you not interested. You’ll have to click the extra link in the story to get there).

You’re welcome. XD

So, before NaNoWriMo, we’ve reached the point of the story where I finally got them on the same floor, so to speak. It only took 50,000 words. Bad news, or good news depending if you like the story I suppose, is this – there are another 50,000 words coming and this book closes out on Chapter 17.

That means there is 7 more chapters coming plus one more erotic section because I made a promise to WitchyWoman (we’re writing buddies) that I will write smut until the end of NaNoWriMo and post them if she reaches the finish line.

Ya know what? She DID! ⭐ Congratulations ⭐ to her for such a massive accomplishment. More than me, I have to say. I cheated. XD

So, here we go… Trent & Chase… figuring each other out… without third wheels.

That’s right, girl. You don’t count as a third wheel do you, Walnut? *nuzzles and kisses the dog’s head*

ENJOY! Chapters NINE & TEN.

*   *   *

DISCLAIMER~~~~ Because we love these so much:

  1. Chapters 9 and 10 are beta’d by the awesome BITWORKS!
  2. Chapter 10’s EXTRA is not beta’d.
  3. ALL MISTAKES ARE MINE! (to have and to hold until death do us part).
  4. Please do not steal. My writing isn’t that good. Write something yourself. I’m sure you can do much better than I can and then hit me with a link to read, ay?

Trent & Chase – Chapter 8 Now LIVE!

Good Morning! 😀

At least it is morning as I am typing this. ⭐ HAPPY NOVEMBER!!

As the title suggests, Chapter 8 is posted at a whooping 11,000+ words. As much patience as I have for long-winded stuff, George R. R. Martin not withstanding, even I have come to understand of a-loved-author-I-follow’s passionate dislike for editing after the completion of this chapter.

It is a beast on ugly days. Truly is. 😛

So ridiculously delighted that it is behind me. However, seeing that the next book, or following books might just be more “action” than “romance”… obviously I have some thinking to do, eh? XD

About the Chapter ~~

I have attempted numerous times across many days to split this monster chapter into two parts. It just couldn’t be done equally. It also made it somewhat annoying to read when I tried. My beta reader told me to leave it. He dislikes “cliffhangers” and thoroughly loves that I wrapped up the whole incident neatly in one chapter, leaving the rest of the novel for its original intention.

Since I am writing this for the person who has supported my writing since my college days, I decided to leave it as-is. 🙂

If I was to regale you how my Husband and I ended up getting hitched and how we came about to be where we are, most of you might think I’m making things up. So if my life can be unbelievable non-fiction, I was plagued with the question of how to make a story “believable fiction” from the very beginning.

Two alpha males. Two worlds. Now I need to throw them together more than just a simple X in the crossroads.

This chapter was what it took to get me there. As my Beta said, Chase had been on Trent’s radar since Chapter 1, but Trent isn’t on Chase’s radar. I have to get them there for this story to be more “two men finding each other” than “one man obsessively running after the other.”

“You will end up hating Trent if you do the latter, and I like Trent,” he had warned me.

What’d you know? He’s right. I would, because that’s exactly where it went before I had to reset back to Chapter 6 and try again. I had to do something that’ll put Trent and Chase on the same playing field.

The Det-Cord was thrown in for my personal fun. 😉

Even I think taking 8 chapters to finally get these men on equal footing is… stomping on the side of “ridiculous.” But… It’s my first novel. It’s practice. I’m getting my feet wet. I think I’m doing an okay job of it. If you don’t think so, kindly keep them to yourself for now. You can bash and punch in Book 2, but let me just have my men and enjoy them now.

I would like to say that this will probably be the extent of my US Air Force Para-rescue and Combat Search and Rescue obsession, but I doubt it. One of the books coming later – involving extensively of my Chase & Trent duo, will probably be about that.

I will have to find a few USAF Pararescuemen to chat with first. XD

So… The link to the NEW CHAPTER IS HERE. I do hope you enjoy.

Now for a Little Update ~~

I am participating in this month’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). If interested, you can find my profile HERE. The goal of this project is to write a novel in 30 days. Their definition of a novel is 50,000+ words. As of Chapter Eight, I’m past it. Therefore, my goal for NaNoWriMo is this:

Finish this story.

I don’t think I have another 50,000 words left in this. I don’t know. We shall see.

How I propose going about this without making it seem like I’m “cheating” would be counting only the words of the chapters I am writing – which is 13 onwards. If I finish the story, but is short of the word count, I’ll add everything from Chapters 1 through 12 to it to claim a victory because at that point, I did, in fact, finish both goals.

If I didn’t finish the story, then I won’t be adding anything to my word count. This year will be marked as “did not succeed.”

I think it’s relatively fair. 🙂

Unfortunately, that means the posting of this story is now on hiatus until December. I won’t be spending time editing. ONLY WRITING.

For those of you also involved in the NaNoWriMo, ⭐ ⭐ GOOD LUCK! ⭐ ⭐

*   *   *

Wynter, out. 🙂

Trent & Chase – Chapter Seven now LIVE!

I love Ash. I also love Trent. I absolutely hate this chapter.

It’s one of those chapters where I wrote Six not entirely sure where I was going with it, and then outlined Chapter EIGHT… with Chapter Seven as that neglected, horribly abandoned bastard child that’s the get of “Unsure-Six” and “Maybe-It’ll-Work-Eight.”

I don’t know why I dislike this chapter so much. It was difficult to write as the words simply didn’t flow. Editing was like trying to fight Godzilla with a toy lightsaber, and when all’s said and done for posting… I’m just like…

😕 😳 😕


Bear with me. Chapter 8 is being processed into 2 parts if I can’t trim it down from the 11k word monster that it is, and it will be posted on the same day. I had written that part as a one chapter, so by golly, it will stay as one chapter. Two parts is my compromise.

What I’m expecting to do from Chapter 9 onwards is focusing strictly on the men. It’s about them figuring out about themselves and the relationship. Will it work? Will it fail? The obstacles. If it does work out, it’ll be about Trent coming out to his family which he hasn’t done yet to this point. At all. There’ll be a couple of scenes in there with his mother. And Evan, too.

If it doesn’t work out… well… friends still, I suppose? With benefits? 😉

However, I’m trying to get away from the whole “romance story” effort into a… something a little bit more Tom Clancy-ish for Book 2. At least, that’s the plan. As long as nothing else new springs up in the middle of it and tells me “Hey, there’s a hidden door right here to another place. Come on, try it with me.”

After all, what’s the point of throwing paranormal into it if I’m not going to use it, right? 🙂

So, link be HERE. I do hope you enjoy!

And remember. It is mine. Copyrighted. Including every last mistake that will live in infamy. XD

❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Halloween for those of you who observe the Trick-a-Treating!


Trent & Chase – Chapter Six! LIVE!

Good… morning?

Or is it afternoon?

Just what time is it? XD

Oh, 9:40… am. I’ve been up for 9 hours now.

If you read typos on this, forgive me. My husband decided he was going to come to bed around midnight – half naked (whee!), scoot himself to the center of the bed, and then proceeded to cuddle-sleep the night away with me, supposedly, in his arms.

Romantic. Fantasy. Practically a dream. Perfect Hollywood moment kinda thing.

In actuality, this happened:

He woke me up from the movement of the bed. Then I couldn’t get comfortable. Then he passed out…

On my side of the bed, his head on two pillows.

But he was facing me, on his side. And I think he thought my thigh was probably under his thigh? Probably his brain confusing dream for reality. So I rolled onto my left side and tried to get back to sleep on two feet of bed.

We have a King-sized bed.

And then his knee started this jerking motion that ended up tapping my butt every thirty seconds.

It wasn’t a kick. Just a tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap… I’ve been up since.

Okay, not quite. I fell back asleep between 5:15 and 6:40… and proceeded to throw myself out of bed when my husband told me it was 6:40… All the while muttering…

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit… as I took the stairs two at a time down. That I didn’t trip or give myself facial reconstructive surgery was impressive.

I got my kids to school on time. Barely. But I did it. XD

Now for the rest of my day. After this post is laundry, grocery shopping, and a birthday card to fill out for a Mr. Quad. (You know who you are… :D)

SO… I bring you… Chapter Six!

First off, however, is the DISCLAIMER:

  1. Beta’d by the caffeine-driving Bitworks. Thank you, dear. J ❤
  2. Proofreading and editing all done by yours truly; therefore, all mistakes are mine. If you find any, please send me a note. I hate typos.
  3. It is copyrighted. Don’t steal. Period.

I hope you enjoy. You can find the link to the new chapter RIGHT HERE.



I actually am doing some light Halloween decorations this year. Mostly just lights. My kids love lights.

😀 😀 😀

Trent & Chase – CHAPTER FIVE

Hello there~~

Chapter FIVE be posted!! 😀

I’m not… unreasonably late this time around, right? Just two days past the bi-weekly mark? 😀

So, what to say about this chapter?

Because I wrote my stories backwards – Chase and Trent before Ash and Callie – I had to give some space to the rest of the cast. Here be Callie. She is a sweet girl. Misguided in the grand scheme of the world. Loved by me. And is pure of heart.

Like Trent, she has an ability. It’ll be revealed in the next chapter what it may be… I think. 😛

Definitely a conversation heavy chapter, and I hope this gives you some insight into both Trent and Callie.

So… Why the focus on the US Air Force?

Mostly because I’m married to a USAF prior serviceman, honorably discharged. Also because the Air Force is the one branch that doesn’t really allow media be distributed about itself on a regular basis, which makes perfect sense. The Air Force broke off from the US Army back in the day, and this apparently requires some high ASFAB scores to get into.

Reason behind it is because of the equipment the Air Force works with, and I’m over simplifying this. A lot of complicated stuff on top of what some of the other branches already uses. Sometimes these guys don’t just learn about what the AF uses, but also what the Army, Navy, and Marines also use since specialists do get embedded with the other branches. Possibly even the Coast Guard, or the Air National Guard… but don’t quote me on that.

“In the rear with the gear”… Lord Wynter is rather fond of saying. They do have a lot of gear, but, it can arguably said that if the boys aren’t there capable of doing what needs to be done, even when embedded with special forces, then the United States won’t have the advantage on the battlefield she does today.

However, even with a high ASFAB score, there’s no guarantee that one will have a specialist job, or even capable of making the cut. Whole slew of other things like psych eval, academics, fitness, and a slew of other things I’m not that knowledgeable about makes this… not an easy walk, I would think.

Then again, I know somebody who was in the Air Force and she’s not very bright. Rather stupid, I would say, but I’m being biased perhaps. Or just plain jaded. Probably the latter. Maybe both… BAH!

Either which way, the AF fascinates me to no end because it is, hands down, the one branch with the highest concentration of geeks and nerds. With muscles. Well. Mine came with muscles. 🙂

Mine’s also a specialist (not EOD) and is qualified for a wide array of shooting weapons. Know a bit about things that go boom (Again. Not EOD). He likes to take “thinking outside the box” to a whole new level.

Which the Air Force both loved and hated at the same time. XD

And I have a THING for geeky boys. Seriously. UNF.

Now, I’m not on a mission to regale people with the inner workings of this specific branch of the military. Even if I was authorized to know about any of this stuff, which I’m not because I’m a foreign national, I’m not comfortable with sharing things that seem to be stalked pretty heavily by the enemies of the United States, United Nations, and a few other nations I haven’t had the time to double-check so I’m not listing them.

The Army and Navy guys like to bash on the Air Force, saying they’re just all brain and nothing much else… pussies and the like… and I get very defensive to the point of being down-right-bitch-class-nasty when people do that. My Air Force airman has big brains, has no problems bending most of these scrawny Army and Navy pussies into a pretzel if they won’t quit it with the stupidity, and had been through indoc training that was a variation like what the Air Force Pararescuemen go through, which arguably is the same thing Navy SEALs go through… only our PJs do it for six weeks longer (so I heard).

Hubby spends more time during the indoc in the field whereas the PJs spend more time in the pool. The runs are the same. The calisthenics are also the same. Same time, same number, etc. So the next person that wants to stand there, or sit if you rather, and tell me the AF men aren’t as up-to-grade as the rest of you…

Take that. *huff huff pant pant*… *climbs down off the podium stand*


ANYWAY. Where was I?… Oh, right. Callie. Really have nothing else to say about her at this moment. Will save the rest of that for the story.


♦   ♦   ♦

Now… for the thing we all hate.


  1. Beta’d by the tall, brunette, and moon-tanned Bitworks.
  2. Proofreading and editing all done by me; therefore, all mistakes are mine.
  3. It is copyrighted. I will take every available action known to me if it is stolen and/or submitted to a creative writing workshop class as your own work. Think Athena with Her Father’s Lighting Bolt. And Hera’s wrath.

I hope you enjoy the new chapter. You can find the link to the new chapter RIGHT HERE.

Have an awesome week and weekend. ⭐ AUTUMN IS HERE!

😀 😀 😀

Happy reading!