Greetings and well met, traveler. I welcome you to my little abode on the Internet. Do excuse the construction and caution signs. I am currently under renovation.

Before you venture further, I would like to clarify a few rules and codes of conduct expected here. I ask that you respect and follow the signs appropriately to avoid any conflict that could otherwise be avoided. Thank you.


All original fiction found here is protected by copyright. That means Closet Soul Chronicles and all its characters belong to me, as is the world Firon and everything that encompassed. All the single fiction and any non-fiction stories are also mine.

Closet Soul Chronicles has been discontinued. However, the copyright to those original characters and stories still belong to me. For more information, please refer to this post. Thank you. (April 1, 2017)

I do not own the rights to the creation of Bleach. That is owned by Kubo Tite (and many others who help produce the series). However, the stories I have written, while not protected by copyright, are not up for grabs for a database.

Therefore, as a general rule, please do not pirate or distribute anything on this blog, not even the fan-fiction. The list also includes and is not limited to: my creations, blog posts, the pictures I used, or the comments left behind by visitors.

*Errors of the Keyboard*

While I’m a perfectionist to an extent, errors will still happen. If you find typos and mistakes in any of the text on this blog, you are welcome to leave me a note or a comment. Please accept my gratitude for any and all assistance you provide.

*Comments and Replies*

ONE. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated and welcome. Please, do not use shorthand or text-message code. One has a tendency to annoy me, and the other I may not fully understand. You have my gratitude in advance.

TWO. Being respectful to everyone is the most basic expected level of conduct on this blog. If I determine anyone is being rude, impolite, is deliberately picking a fight, or otherwise being unwelcome to myself, a guest, or this blog, I will issue a warning. If it is not heeded, then I will delete and block. This is a place where I come to have fun and relax; therefore, I have a 100% no tolerance policy on this.

THREE. I will do my absolute best returning messages and giving replies, as long as it is within a reasonable limit. I, however, cannot guarantee that I will reply every single time. For that, I do apologize. We all have responsibilities in real life, and this blog isn’t a source of income for myself to support my family. Thank you for your understanding.

*Blog Posts*

My blog posts are written, first and foremost, for myself. Some posts are going to be public: mostly the announcement of new works, updates to old works, and updates to myself. Posts that include my family, deeply personal thoughts, and other personal things are going to be password protected or private. I do not hand out accesses to these. If you’re a person I wish to share any of this with, you will automatically receive a password from me. Otherwise, please don’t ask for a password to my blog posts.


I write stories. Some are for general audiences, others not so much. Each work will be labeled accordingly. Anything “Not Safe For Work” will be password protected. At this time, the password will only be released to people I know. Anyone else will most likely need to be verified by Y!Gallery accounts should the site return from its renovation state. Thank you for understanding.

*Contacting Me*

The best place to reach me is through the comments section of this blog as well as my email: lav.wynter@gmail.com

** Respectfully, please do not send me advertisements or group emails to my email address.


The only advertisements allowed here is sponsored and hosted by WordPress, as they are providing this account to me for free. I respectfully request that everyone else refrain from advertising on my blog. Any advertisements will be promptly removed without warning.

If you’ve reached here, then you have my deepest and most sincerest gratitude for reading all the way through. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me at lav.wynter@gmail.com

I wish you a pleasant stay, and may your days begin and end with joy, laughter, and love.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Copyright© 2014-2016


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