Guess Who Visited?

Trent Warwick and Chase Montgomery first debuted in a smut short “Only Been Two Days” that you can find here (password required) or on y!gallery. They had been dancing in my head for a week before I gave them some space in a smut scene. I thought that would appease them as I worked out the details for the main story. Instead, this is what happens…

Please be warned that this is, indeed, M/M and contains some sex-related content as I hashed it out with my original characters Trent Warwick and Chase Montgomery.

My apologies about the formatting. I haven’t figured out how to indent perfectly yet. Hopefully the color coding helps =).


We find yours truly, Lavender Wynter, awake at 4am on a Wednesday morning, again, for whatever reason Lady Insomnia deemed it necessary to punish me with. She is a harsh mistress, difficult to please and avoid, and dishes out punishment to ensure a twisted sense of perfection by use of any means necessary. I’m not entirely sure how that logic works, but many of my characters abuse this to its fullest extent… in my head while I bodily act out the conversation with my hands sometimes.

Lavender:        *sighs*… It’s a miracle when I sleep more than four hours.

Trent:              That’s a special circumstance. If you sleep more than eight hours at a time, that’s a miracle.

Lavender:        *makes a sound that resembles a squeal but will deny it ever happened if asked*

Chase:             Good morning *big smile*

Lavender:        *slaps hand over eyes* There is nothing good about mornings at 4am. May I ask why you two are in my bedroom naked?

Trent:              You wrote us having sex, and you’re embarrassed about our nudity?

Lavender:        Who said anything about being embarrassed?

Chase:             You covered your eyes.

Lavender:        *slaps hand down on the bed… grimaces when the other sleeping body stirs.* I was being modest. Did you two need something?

Trent:              *twinkling blue eyes in the dark* Yes, we do.

Chase:             More sex, preferably with him being the bottom this time, riding me, as promised in the short you wrote.

Lavender:        *groans something about her giving an inch and them taking a mile…*

Trent:              Well, sex is nice, but… that’s not what we’re after.

Chase:             *stares at Trent incredulously* It’s not?!

Trent:              *ignores Chase*

Lavender:        *raises eyebrow*What are you after?

Trent:              The main story.

Lavender:        It’s in the works, you know that.

Trent:              Yes, it would be nice if we get a chance to have some input.

Chase:             Like my career as a lifeguard. Because that just won’t do.

Trent:              And I need a dog.

Lavender:        *glances from blue eyes to brown, glances at the clock that now reads 4:18 and sighs* This is going to require me getting some coffee…

Trent:              *helpfully locates pants for Lavender, then holds it out like a father dressing a three year old…*

Chase:             *snort. Laugh. Slaps hand over mouth to muffle the snickering*

Lavender:        Don’t make me tie you up, Chase. You know I’ll do it, and I’ll let Trent have the flogger, safe word being something you’ll have to try hard to remember!

Chase:             *clears throat immediately to stop snickering*

Lavender:        *eyes Trent warily and slips feet through the waistband and into pant legs* Could you two get dressed, then meet me downstairs?

*Interlude as Lavender meanders downstairs to make herself a cup of mint hot chocolate laced with instant coffee. Just for the record, Lavender and caffeine do not go well together and it is only recommended for emergencies. 4:30am meets that prerequisite.

*Enter Chase and Trent wearing only sweat pants. Lavender mentally drools, notes the lack of height difference between them, then sits down at the dining table, laptop in hand.

Lavender:        *turns on laptop, takes a sip of coffee, punches in her thirteen character password…*

Trent:              Damn, woman, can your password be any longer?

Lavender:        Yes. This is medium-length for me. All personal accounts online have longer when allowed.

Chase:             Thirteen characters is medium length for you?

Lavender:        Can’t ever be too careful.

Chase:             Paranoid much?

Lavender:        I should introduce you to my husband sometime. He knows systems that can crack my medium passwords in 2 hours. Most average users can have their passwords cracked in seconds.

Chase:             *holds up both hands in surrender* Ooo..kay!

Trent:              Do you write them down?

Lavender:        Nope. They’re all up here *taps forehead.*

Trent:              Damn.

Lavender:        *opens up Microsoft word* Now then, what would you like to talk about?

Trent:              You go first, Chase. I just have a dog issue.

Lavender:        *glances at Chase* So, what would you like as your profession?

Chase:             Not lifeguard.

Lavender:        I got that already. Got anything specific in mind?

Chase:             Something that lets me carry a federal badge.

Lavender:        CIA?

Chase:             *makes a sour face* God, no.

Lavender:        FBI?

Chase:             *thinks about it… then shakes head* Too overused.

Lavender:        We’re not involving the DEA or NSA.

Chase:             NSA’s too nerdy anyway.

Lavender:        *snorts a laugh* I’ll keep that in mind. *Makes faces as thoughts crunch through brain* How about something military instead?

Chase:             Like what?

Lavender:        Air Force OSI. Air Force equivalent of NCIS.

Chase:             So I’ll be like Gibbs?

Lavender:        No.

Chase:             I’m not being DiNozzo.

Lavender:        You will be you, Chase. Neither one of those men is gay. And I don’t think you want Gibbs’ relationship record as the only one he truly loved is d-e-a-d. Or DiNozzo’s. Or do you prefer the insecure McGee?

Chase:             No, thanks. Me sounds just fine.

Lavender:        Uh huh. Anything else?

Chase:             You remind me of Gibbs.

Lavender:        Gibbs doesn’t hit people with cast iron frying pans, Chase.

Chase:             *scoots chair back* You do that?

Lavender:      *smile* Now, can I make up your background history or do you want to establish that yourself too?

Chase:             What were you thinking?

Lavender:        *downs half her coffee as yours truly crunches the new info in sleep deprived head.* You were born in Battle Creek, Michigan on March 6th, 1972. Joined USAF at 18, honorably discharged for hardship at 26 because your entire family was involved in a car accident and you were the only one left to take care of your sister. Your father, also USAF, is a Colonel is slated for retirement. Your mother is a military wife. Your younger sister Amanda, 13 at the time, survived the car crash, was in the ICU, required numerous surgeries. USAF picked up 90% of the surgeries with benefits you were titled to covering whatever wasn’t. Didn’t survive the 4th one due to complications. By then you’ve out-processed, drew on your connection with the OSI, applied for a job, became an investigator based out of Washington D.C. and living in Manassas, VA. You have a Top Secret Clearance. Age 30 at the time of your story where you meet Trent. How’s that for a start?

Chase:             …Damn?

Lavender:        I told you, it was in the works.

Chase:             Did my whole family have to die?

Lavender:        *Makes changes and Amanda Montgomery appears in a puff of smoke* Nope. And she’ll be covered under your deceased father’s benefits until she’s an adult.

Amanda:         Hi, Chase.

Chase:             Hey. Glad you could join us.

Lavender:        We done?

Chase:             For now. Thanks.

Lavender:        *eyes Trent. Raises eyebrow*

Trent:              *disarming smile* My turn?

Lavender:        *downs the rest of her coffee and debates another one* No chance we could wait until I’m more awake?

Trent:              You’re halfway there, already. I just need a dog.

Lavender:        All right, you have one, named whatever you’ll like. Any preference what kind of dog?

Trent:              Can’t just be a dog.

Lavender:        Huh?

Trent:              Not a pet dog. A working dog. A Search and Rescue dog.

Lavender:        *decides that a 2nd coffee is necessary* Hooh, boy.

Trent:              *waits for yours truly to finish making another coffee* Hm?

Lavender:        *plops coffee down. Opens up Google* This is going to take some Google-fu.

Trent:              I like Labs. German Shepherds too. Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs, good with kids.

Lavender:        Wait, you want kids now?

Trent:              Maybe, in the future? But right now, we have Amanda. *leans back on two legs of the chair and turns to address Amanda* Hey, Amanda?

Amanda:         Yes?

Trent:              What dogs do you like?

Amanda:         I like Labs. Chocolate ones. Like Corgis, too. They’re cute.

Trent:              *turns back to me* There you go. Chocolate Lab. Search and Rescue. We can call him Walnut. Based in Virginia. Plays well with your Park Ranger concept. Got the whole Shenandoah River State Park as my playground as a kid. I love arrowheads, spearheads, knives. Good with those. Knives…

* Insert interlude as Lavender inhales a second coffee and types out a long bullet list of points. 45 minutes later…

Lavender:        *a chocolate Lab appears in a puff of smoke next to Trent* Trent Warwick, born on July 17, 1973 in Plymouth, Maine. Discovered abilities at the age of 10 on August 31st, 1983. Park Ranger. Affiliated with FEMA Search and Rescue under volunteer services with FEMA Task Force VA-TF1 (Fairfax Co. Fire & Rescue Dept.) and owns a cabin on a 30-acre land adjacent to the Shenandoah State Park. Mother lives in the maintained Manor on the opposite side of the property. Father died of cancer. Has a SAR chocolate Lab by the name of Walnut, age 3. Collects blades, arrowheads, spearheads. Superiorly skilled with knives of all shapes and sizes. Able to transform anything thin into a cutting object. Wishes to adopt a couple of children further down the line. Age 29 at the time of your story. How does that sound?

Trent:              *whistles and scratches Walnut’s ears* You did all that in 45 minutes?

Lavender:        I can only wish I’m anywhere near that good. No, I researched SAR K-9 units. Everything else was already done before.

Trent:              Ah… *thoughtful look*

Lavender:        Hmm?

Trent:              You do know we’re the same height, right?

Lavender:        I noticed earlier. It shall be so in the main story.

Trent:              *sage nod*

Chase:             So is there a part 2 to that smut short you wrote? *Hopeful eyes*

Lavender:        … Seriously?

Chase:             I’m not opposed to begging…

Lavender:        Oh good god!

Trent:              *chuckling* He doesn’t like to bottom too often without the chance to top first.

Lavender:        Sometimes we all have to do without…

Chase:             *horrified expression*Without sex?! Tell me she’s joking, Trent. Please.

Trent:              *chuckles in that Gibbs kind of way* Maybe she is. Maybe she’s not.

Lavender:        *thinks about a 3rd coffee…* You know. I wrote your smut short to get the gears turning for a fanfiction smut scene. I wasn’t even expecting you two to visit me like this.

Trent:              *smiles* Yet you couldn’t get us out of your mind, can you?

Lavender:        *couldn’t help the smile that spoke of adoration to appear* Not when the first smut short I did actually got views online and one person telling me he or she would like more of you two.

Trent:              *reaches over to give Lavender’s shoulder a squeeze* I know, that’s why we’re here. We’re honored, really. *jerks head in Chase’s direction* I’m going to take him and get all of us out of your hair so you can begin the story telling. Although… *pause to glance at Chase*… do me a favor?

Chase:             What favor?

Lavender:        Sure?

Trent:              *turns back to Lavender* Invest in a gag. It’ll come in handy, I promise. Oh, and I’m a quiet type of person in bed. I don’t howl at endgame.

Chase:             *pales* Hey, wait a minute…

Lavender:        *gleeful grin and ample snickering* Will do, Trent. Will do, and I shall make changes accordingly, Oh Silent One.

Trent:              Then we shall bid you adios, mi’lady. *bows gracefully*

* Trent, Chase, Amanda, and Walnut disappear in another puff of smoke, leaving yours truly with too much caffeine in her system but ecstatic over the visit.

Lavender:        Good morning, indeed… *a satisfied smile as yours truly falls hopelessly in love with the cast…*


And before you think I’m completely off my knockers, just remember that I suffer from insomnia ;P

Much love ❤


Smut Short

Had to get a short smut out of my head so I don’t feel like I’m dragging around a ball and chain on my ankle *laugh*.

It is M/M, Explicit, about 2800 words, and I’m hoping to put these two in a story. I’m just not entirely sure if I want to give them their own original story (non-paranormal/fantasy) or use them in Closet Souls.

Either way, you can find it here. It is password protected, so if you don’t have the password, here is the disclaimer:

“Lastly, if you are of age (18+), please email me at with your name and a statement that you are at least 18 years of age. Your email to request a password also signifies your acceptance to the agreement to not distribute any password or works from this site. All permission requests will be kept as the statement of record for the reader.”

It is also submitted to y!Gallery so check it out here if you have an account.

I welcome your opinion and thoughts =).

Closet Souls Excerpt

Greetings Dear Travelers,

I have been finding little time in the midst the holiday madness that is to write, so the progress has been slow. While the debut of Closet Souls had been pushed to May of 2014, I hope I will be able to get enough together for the date to be sooner rather than later for timely bi-weekly updates.

An excerpt for Closet Souls // Turn Back Time Arc – Callie – Chapter One can be found under the “News and Announcements” Tab.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Much love.