Trent & Chase’s Story – CHAPTER 2

Hi there.

I hadn’t realized that I made the debut on a Tuesday, so as I was glancing at my blog, I realized that it is Tuesday…

So, Chapter 2…

This is a rather painful chapter to write because I think a character will end up dying down the road. I didn’t think it would happen when I started down this path, but armed with the internet, a couple of rather knowledgeable people, I came to learn a lot about mines.

And just how absolutely dangerous they are.

Aside from the animals, insects, and creatures that could have made a mine its home, mines have some very harmful chemicals in them – some even highly volatile. Benzene, Arsenic, Formaldehyde, unused dynamite sticks that may have leaked unstable nitroglycerin… and the list goes on.

Mines can be, and may very well be, contaminated to the point that breathing its air is highly dangerous.

If you enjoy the outdoors, enjoy exploring, and come across a hole in the ground, or on the side of a mountain, in a place you suspect mining has taken place, regardless of how long ago it is – recent or ancient, and it isn’t covered or protected by a grate or a gate… call your local authorities. Mark the area as best as you can.

I can make happy endings out of a story. Real life isn’t quite so accommodating.

Having said that, please do enjoy the story. You can find it through the link below~~

Undisclosed Conversations

❤ ❤ ❤


Trent and Chase Debut

Happy Tuesday!

A couple of weeks ago, I think, I had launched Undisclosed Conversation in celebration of July 4th. Then it was ripped down and taken apart. Changes were made to it in the format of rearranging the chapter sequence and re-writing parts.

Because, G’lord, the crazy that is my current summer has added a new tier to the madness that is my schedule. ^^’

So, let me tell you a little bit about Undisclosed Conversation...

“Undisclosed Conversation” is a term used in the military for anything that is spoken “off the books” and with as few people as possible – maybe one, I would suspect no more than a handful. Unless someone else knows “said” conversation has taken place – and this usually entails highly classified, very sensitive, possibly even controversial information – no one can be compelled to use that in any way, shape, or form against a person. Read up a little bit on the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) and you may understand why military personnel act differently. For some people, civilian law doesn’t apply to them even if they have been honorably discharged. There is no such thing as “innocent until proven guilty.” One is guilty unless proven innocent. Therefore, as long as no one outside of need-to-know knows, off the books of course, it is a secret in its truest sense. My gratitude to Bitworks for the title and the explanation because I’ve already spent more than four months scratching at my head for a fitting title.

And I hope you come to agree that it is a fitting title. If not, then I obviously did an epic fail. 😥

It is a work-in-progress. I can’t say how often I’m going to be able to update this, but rest assured that it will be announced on the blog whenever it is updated. At first, I had wanted to finish writing the whole thing before posting it up chapter-by-chapter, but life being what it is, a lot of things went sideways.

Currently, however, I am working on their side story for an anthology call for submission at the end of August. I am 100% certain it will not be accepted (because I know at least one other person writing for this, maybe two, and both are at least 50x the writer I am), but it is being done for the sole purpose of experience. After experiences with the process has come and gone, I’ll see about posting it here. 🐱

Unless, of course, something crazy happens. ❤

The last time I wrote an original fiction on this scale was more than seven years ago. So getting back to writing is like someone finally opening up that old attic that had been sealed for decades and began sifting through the cobwebs and dust to see what was hidden. There be a lot of cleaning needed, power scrubbing to get the rust off my writing gears, and some major oiling and polishing done.

Feedback is always welcome. So, please, if you have something you would like to share with me, don’t hesitate! 😀

So, without any further delays – since I’m already two months late… (It is linked!)

Undisclosed Conversations

And just for reference here are pictures of the men who inspired Trent Warwick and Chase Montgomery.

Inspiration of Trent Warwick

Chris Evans, Inspiration of Trent Warwick

Rafael Lazzini, Inspiration of Chase Montgomery

I do very much hope that you enjoy. ❤

Did My Blog Get Possessed?

Exorcism performed yet, Wynter?

Yes. It has been. Although the blog wasn’t possessed. XD

Then what happened?

  1. Lack of internet connection for nearly 3 weeks… (all of you think about this for a moment) 😉
  2. Ownership of my laptop was on permanent loan for 3 weeks to my kids while I was in Houston, TX trying to fix up my parents’ place. I got some of it done. Found a whole load of things that weren’t build to code, so somebody obviously was being paid to look the other way. I shall blog about this later. 😐
  3. Unfortunately, I had to work in heat that was both cruel and unusual. 39.3°C // 104°F in the afternoons that didn’t rain all the while wearing SPF100 sunscreen. I still nearly had heat stroke as I tried to treat the yard for pests and insects, weed & feed the grass, and sprinkled crabgrass killer on it…

… which would explain what happened with the blog the last 3 weeks and the story. I tried to make a heat-stroked brain work those precious few minutes I had between fixing dinner, feeding the kids, giving them a shower, and going to bed with them.

Basically, take 2 hours of writing one would do, cut it up into ten minute chunks, and perform said task over the course of five days in between this and that. 😮

My brain was highly unamused and retaliated. Hence why one would think my blog was possessed. XD

Ouch…So, what now?

I tore the whole story apart, ripped out more than 15,000 words and basically started over… with my Chapter 3 as the new Chapter ONE and got in some writing for the new stuff including a bit more on the ending of the story. Ever watched a two hour movie in say, ten minutes? I dreamed mine. So that’s currently being typed up as soon as my hands work again.

They’re a little carpal-tunneled to Africa and back.


So, this is how things will break down for me…

My children start summer program up again Monday. It actually began on June 30th, but obviously I had places to be and things to get done. The roadtrip was about as far from a vacation as I could have gotten. When I left here in a whirlwind, this place was left in a mess as I bundle the whole family into an SUV and drove half way across the country. There will be a lot of cleaning planned for the next few days as I put order back into my life and home – one of which is to get the children back to the schedule they were used to for going to school.

There were also a couple major storms that hit us while we were gone. I remembered having a yard when I left. What I found when I got home was a forest floor. o_O

Now, for the really tragic news…

My fridge is empty. Actually, it’s more than empty. Which would make just about any food loving human being like me cry. It did. Profusely. So there is grocery shopping to be done across at least two stores today. Maybe three. And I’m rather sick and tired of seeing the interior of my SUV.

*heads desk*

*swivels head to the side from position*

And I don’t want to be seeing the interior of my SUV while I brave the grocery list with the rest of NJ state on a weekend. Believe me when I say I’ve just about had enough of people… all the way until 2015.

There is going to be a lot of planning and discussing with certain folks back home to see if I’m still visiting home in August with the brood in tow *hides groan unsuccessfully*.


There is nothing more daunting than just getting back from the crazy and then trying to figure out how much tickets will cost to go overseas for probably another two weeks. Because things like this were supposed to be planned MONTHS in advance. But Hubby’s work has managed to make taking a real vacation impossible for us.

I’ve not had one in nearly 10 years… a vacation.

Then we need to take an extra week to help the children recover from jet lag for school. Not to mention yours truly. I’m the powerhouse when it comes to these things… because I’m a obsessive-compulsive-power wee tad bit of a control nut when it comes to scheduling. And Hubby has learned to keep his hands to himself on these things lest he lose fingers in the midst of notebook, pen, calender, and excel budget sheet. XD

Or, you know, maimed from a thousand paper cuts from hell.

Since the kids are only in school from basically 9am until 1pm, my time to finish my house projects are cut considerably, but that will take up all available time my kids are in school.

Which means… (please don’t shoot me)… all writing will have to take place either when my Hubby has the time to distract the kids by himself or when I’m suffering from insomnia at 2am and none of the usual things are keeping me distracted… like the long queue of books I have on my hard drive. I downloaded them all for the road trip and didn’t manage to start on a single one. Didn’t finish the one(s) I started either.

Because I drove all the way there, all the driving there, and all the way back again. Kind of. Hubby had 2 hours on the way back because I was at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel from lack of sleep the previous night, and we had a hotel to get to. Still. Rather proud of myself >:D

Now, Chapter ONE is completely ready to go. It’ll get uploaded, at the latest, by the end of next week. It will only be available here until I find time to fiddle with places like y!gallery and other fiction sites.

If people are interested in the event that basically jump started the story, I can have that posted as well sooner rather than later. But only if there are requests as I view that as a writing exercise at this point. 🙂

And I have no problems with any of you wanting to read that just to make you feel better about your own writing.  😉

I hope all of you have a gloriously wonderful weekend! 😀

❤ ❤ ❤