March has ended. Spring is supposedly here, but I don’t think that’s what I’m seeing outside my windows, be honest with you. It’s currently rainy and dreary, and the temperature is at 40ºF (4.44ºC). Despite the cold weather, wet as it is, all the annoying problems affiliated with Spring is back with a vengeance. Things like… allergies, mosquitoes, all these people whining about how it’s Spring and the weather isn’t in the 70s.

I’m glad it’s not in the 70s, thank you very much, but I would have liked for the rain to be held off to… say… April.

So… what’s been going on with me? Been a small list, actually.

First and foremost: Chinese Blog. It is, as you probably guessed, written in Chinese. Some of you may know that Chinese has two variations. There is Traditional Chinese – used by Hong Kong and Taiwan; and Simplified Chinese – used by the majority of the world. Since I’m Taiwanese and all, the blog is written in Traditional Chinese. Personally, Traditional Chinese looks about 2 million times more beautiful than Simplified.

Why, you might ask, am I doing this?

Because it’s my native language. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my experiences with English, but I need more diversity in my writing and reading materials, so I’m going back to my roots and working on that particular part of my background.

While there is a translate feature on the blog, I promise you it would look like someone put the English language into the pulverizing machine. Seriously.

Secondly, my brother’s in the country. Yup. *head thuds on table* *sighs*He’s here for a GRE Program…

I wish I could say the kid has grown in the year he’s been gone, and he has, just not a whole lot. If you put where he needed to be about a mile away, then he probably grew a foot, and that’s not taking into consideration the extra foot that will get added onto the mile as time passes because people are supposed to grow. *wince*

I love my brother. I don’t want to see him fail, but as I have told Bitworks, I’m ready for him to fail, just this once so he knows that picking up the pieces is going to be a painful process, and it is a real “do or die” mental concept, something he still doesn’t truly understand.

Oh look, a run-on sentence. That is pretty much how I feel when it comes to him. Bitworks worries about me whenever the notion that my brother is coming because I get stressed out. I’ve looked out for this kid since I was a kid myself (even when I was in a crap-hole during a lot of those times), and it had been difficult. A lot of my physical and energy is constantly drained because he’s a member of the family. His problems are our problems. It’s hard. It really is.

Third, I’m not currently writing. Here’s why:


See all those (traditional) Chinese novels and manga? My parents sent them with my brother when he came. Since my brother departs for Taiwan in late May, I’ve got until then to read all the new books at least once to make sure there isn’t a printing error. If there is, then they need to go back with him so my parents can ask for replacements from the publisher/bookstore. Since I’m unable to read Chinese as quickly as I read English, this is going to take a lot of time. Therefore, my writing has been put on hold until the once over has been completed.

For all of you curious, yes, that is Bleach manga. I don’t have the final volumes yet, but I will get them next year when I go home. I also have the entire series of Naruto that are in Taiwan slated for that third empty shelf (that I currently have the children’s books borrowing space on for Christmas 2017). My collection is slowly growing. Positively overjoyed!

I hope all of you are doing well. My presence on social media has dramatically dwindled due to the lack of time, but I am still around and stalking all of you. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line, an email, or a bump.

Happy Spring! ❤



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